How To Control The Urge To Pee?

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When you feel like peeing, you directly rush to the toilet. Sometimes, the situation is not under your control. You are out and there is no washroom to pass out the pee. This pee pressure can just test you through! The urge to control pee is really difficult. This depends from person to person. Few people can control their urge to pee for a longer duration while some cannot. This is because the urinary bladder is weak and this makes it impossible to control the pee for a longer duration.

What to do when you want to pee but can't find a place? Here are few ways to control your pee for sometime.

Control The Urge To Pee

Body movement: When you have the urge to pee, you start moving fast. Either walk fast or run. This is one of the ways to distract attention from the pee pressure towards something else. However, not everyone can control their pee through body movements. There are many people who feel that body movement can increase the pressure on the bladder. Thus, this depends from person to person.

No LOL!: If you want to control your pee, do not laugh out loud. This can exert pressure on the urinary bladder thus leading to a leakage! When you laugh, the diaphragm contracts and this muscle contract can put pressure on the full bladder. If something funny is going on and you want to rush to the toilet but somehow can't, then control your laugh and the pee will not come out for sometime at least.

Do not sip down fluids: When your urinary bladder is already full, you should not overload it with more fluids. Do not drink water, juice or any other beverage that makes your bladder heavier.

Distract your mind: Thinking about peeing will only make you more impatient. Distract your mind so that you do not feel like peeing. Think about something completely different. In short, do not think about anything that makes you feel like passing out.

Keep fidgeting: Little movements in the lower body like thighs, legs, hips and waist can help you control your pee for a longer duration. The pace depends on your comfort levels. Do not move too much as you can also feel light enough to pass out urine.

Never think little pass out will help: Sometimes, you feel like passing out a little so that you can control the rest in your bladder. Once the flow starts, it is very difficult to control the bladder.

These are few ways to control our pee for sometime. However, you should not compromise on the urge to pee (unless helpless). Saving urine for a longer duration can form kidney stones. So, drink lots of water to avoid kidney problems.

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