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Is Your Boss A Control Freak?

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If there are people in the world who have some real control over your life then it would have to be your wife/spouse and your boss. Sometimes you get lucky when you find an understanding boss. But if you are ill-fated, you will end with a type of boss you cannot stand. There are irritating bosses, flirtatious bosses and also strict bosses. But if your boss is a control freak then you have got the worst deal.

A control freak is a person who wants to control everything and everybody around him/her. Your boss can control your activities up to a certain extent but imagine if he or she interferes in everything you do! It will totally spoil the work environment. Take the test to see if your boss is truly a control freak.


He/She keeps a tab on your toilet breaks: Even the worst boss in the world would think twice about cutting on your loo time. But there are people who that. You need to tell your boss that you are not a student sitting in a classroom who needs permission to go to the restroom!

He/She snoops on your conversation with other employees: In this case, your boss is not only a control freak but an extremely insecure person. What your boss really wants to know is whether you are bitching about him/her. This really makes the work environment tense because you have to constantly watch your back.

You suspect your boss of checking your mail: The company does reserve the rights to scan emails but your boss cannot actually go through your emails without being a hacker! And if he or she is ready to stoop to such levels, then you should either report it to higher authorities or quit your job.

He/She wants constant updates on the status of a work: Meeting deadlines is important but if your boss baggers you for updates every half an hour, then how will you finish your work? This shows that your boss is an absolute control freak who cannot trust anybody with the work at hand.

He/She never allows you to talk to clients: This could only mean that your boss wants to control the project single-handedly or he/she wants to deny you any credit whatsoever. It is very difficult to work under such type of a boss.

These are some the worst things your boss can do to you. Dealing with a control freak is not easy, especially in your professional life. So, you can either have a transparent chat with your boss or start start searching for a new job.

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Story first published: Friday, October 26, 2012, 17:33 [IST]
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