'Can Love Happen Twice' Book Review

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Can love happen twice??

It is a very common question among lovers who fail to have a successful relationship. It is difficult to forget your first love but, life never stops. This is what happened in the story of Can Love Happen Twice as well. Ravinder Singh, the author, welcomes love for the second time in his life. But, there is a big twist in his life that breaks him down again.

After reading his first novel, I Too Had A Love Story, I only wanted to know what happened to Ravin. I started reading Can Love Happen Twice waiting to get information on the author, Ravinder Singh. In the first book, he loses his love, Khushi in a fatal accident few days before the engagement. As a tribute to his girlfriend who died in that accident, he penned down a book for her. The book was a bestseller and the love of his readers forced him to write another book and answer two questions, "What happened to Ravin after the sad demise of his love, Khushi?" and "Where is Ravin now?"

Can Love Happen Twice Book Review

After reading the first book, his readers were waiting to know what comes next in the life of this true lover. Then came out his second novel after 5 years. 

Even in his second book, Ravinder Singh's friends have played a major role. The story has been read by Ravin's (main character) best friends Happy, Manpreet and Amardeep at a city radio station.

As the heading goes, Ravin avoids falling in the pool of love again but, a simple and kiddish girl makes him take a swim. He starts feeling happy after re-entering the world of romance.

However, his bad luck or the injustice of God takes his second love away from him. Major depression takes him down and Ravin doesn't have the strength to mend his broken heart.

Can Love Happen Twice Book Review:

Can Love Happen Twice is an excellent blend of friendship, love, romance, happiness and sadness. Ravinder Singh knows how to relate his stories with the layman. The story had no supernatural or fictitious content that can make you feel that the novel is unreal.

Simple language and the touch of humour in words best described the strong characters, Simar and Ravin. If you love to read hard core romantic stories, Can Love Happen Twice is the ideal book to refresh your mood.

The book tries to address the common problems in a relationship these days. "With this book I wanted to touch the rampant issue of break ups (and also divorces) in our generation's love stories. I wanted to depict how we do not identify things in the beginning which come to haunt us in the end and we see no other solution but break up. Also in present generation where in the term 'ex' (ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend) has come into existence so much so that almost everyone has an 'ex' in his/her life, I wanted to ask this broader question - Can love really happen twice?" Ravinder Singh.

We cannot say whether the story is true or not. The author only feels that it is the generation's true story where heart break is more rampant than a heart attack!

If you have not read the book yet, buy it online.

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Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2012, 14:36 [IST]
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