7 Worst Table Manners Mistakes

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Table manners are the set of propriety rules that we follow while eating at a table. Show of bad manners at the dinner table is frowned upon in polite society. Now table manners vary from one community to another. For example, Indians eat with their hands and the Westerners with forks and knives. But both societies have a specific set of table etiquette that must be followed.

Now that the world has become a global village, there are some common set of table manners that are followed across the world. But just like there are rule setters, there are rule breakers too. These are some of the worst breach of table manners that have been commonly observed.

Bad Table Manners

1. Belching: No matter where on the globe you are, a loud belch on the table will be seen as bad manners. It is a natural phenomenon that you sometimes cannot control. Ideally excuse yourself from the table when you are about to belch.

2. Clanging Cutlery: Making loud clanging sounds with your cutlery is seen as a breach of table etiquette. If you are well bred, then you should be trained to use the cutlery to eat soundlessly.

3. Talking With Your Mouth Full: This is one of the worst mistakes that any person can commit at a dinner table around polite people. Light conversation at the dinner table is supposed to be acceptable. However you must make sure that you talk when your mouth is not stuffed with food.

4. The 'Surrp' Sounds: When you are drinking soup, curry or any other liquid beverage, you are supposed to do so noiselessly. Making the 'surrp..' sound when you are sipping liquids is considered very bad table manners.

5. Gorging On Food: Food is there for you to eaten. However, gobbling down too much food at a time or loading your plate with too much food is supposed to be terrible table manners. Decent people take their time to enjoy a meal and eat little at a time.

6. Scattering Food: Dropping food around your plate might be overlooked in case of kids, but for adults it is an abominable mistake. Even a single grain or drop of your food should not fall outside your plate. If it has fallen, make sure you lift it and throw on the plate before getting up from the table.

7. Licking Your Fingers: There is an Indian saying that when one enjoys the food very much he or she would be 'licking their fingers'. It is supposed to be a compliment to the cook. However, our modern sensibilities do not look favourably upon the idea of licking fingers to compliment the food.

These are some of the worst table manners that can irritate people. Do you have any of these?

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