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Music And The Mind

By Shruti Roy

At World's Music Day I think it is very essential to include children in the celebration. Young or old varied music types are loved by all. One might not be very good at singing but even unconsciously people hum to the tune they listen early in the morning. The song might be from any music type be a bhajan sung by the elders at home in the morning, in radio or in a men's salon on your way to the work place. The kind of music you hear in the morning actually decides the temperament you will carry the whole day.

Going further deep, the temperament of youngsters who have been brought up in a very sing song environment are much more soothing in nature mostly then those who have been brought up in only academically pressurized home atmosphere.

Changing Moods Due to Music Effects

Metallic Music type mostly preferred by young men folk gives them excitement, thrill, a sense of wildness and freedom from life. But then this music effect becomes very difficult for them to come back to the world pre and post their metallic music session. Brain nerves under go a state of shock with the youngster unaware of the fact. Both music and the mind are shattered in the process as a result of such music effect. It ends up in irritating and violent behavioral reactions to even minutest of adverse situation. These leaf blowing Rock music concerts reach 115db(decibel level) actually to which one shouldn't exposed his ears for more then 30 seconds.

Trance Music is again very popular music type among the youth and also among people beyond 30 till 40. Both men as well as women are very much attracted towards this genre of music. It is played mostly in rave parties, also in house parties and discs. As the name suggests, this genre of music transports people to a trance state of mind. Trance lovers would be inclined towards mild or severe drugging as the feel of the music is better when the head goes dizzy. With time such people develop a laid back and reluctant kind of a mind set.

Jazz Music which is a newer version of Blues, has emotions attached. It basically had been African

folklore kind. In it people would sing the sadness of their lives, using instruments like Saxophone. Even today Jazz music effects the listener by its melancholic feel, bringing the music and the mind together. Many people do not prefer Jazz because of its slow progress unlike Metallic or Trance. Youngsters passionate towards studying music from its roots and also learning instruments like Guitar and Saxophone study Jazz. It gives them a mind set, a thought process for the insight into people's feelings.

Country and Folk Music are fundamentally meant for celebrations of different occasions. In a country like India, with 26 states there are double the number of folk song types. These country and folk music has an inbuilt energy of positivity. Thus giving heart to music and the mind its peace. Say in the state Assam, there will be many groups of young boys and girls singing and dancing to the tunes of Flute and other leather instrument called Dhol during the occasion of Bihu (the major festival of Assam). Similarly in West Bengal, Rabindra Sangeet basically speaks of love and nature. Such music renders joy and vibrancy in the veins of both the listeners and performers.

Natural Music- the music forgotten

Music, man and nature were all born together. Music effects directly one's soul. If one needs to have a real good day, then he must unite music and the mind and start his day by listening to an inspiring song which speaks of victory and also the teachings of failure. The music of nature sung by the wind, rustling of leaves, singing of birds and silence of nature are the best of music for which people fall short of time today.


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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 19:30 [IST]
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