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Music - Philosophical Connection

By Staff

Music and DVD's, are no longer tools of entertainment alone. Their spiritual ties have transformed them to “spiritual disciplines" of the day and seem to be pushing off religion as the focus for public devotion.

Experts, who have studies the devoted time spent on music, film watching and Internet by people have concluded that people use music to explore the philosophical and ethical issues of the modern world.

Dr Clive Marsh, of the University of Leicester who have been studying the relationship between religion and popular culture for 15 years, has noticed that in social networking site, fan communities “not just to talk about music, TV or film, but to share on how their listening and viewing habits inform their living and help them develop their philosophical, religious, political or ethical commitments.

He says, “You see lots of people listening to their iPods seemingly caught up in their own private worlds. I am interested in the ways in which people consume music – what are they doing with it?"

This finding has brought to light, the secret union of music with people thought process, spirituality and so some extent the personality. This study is looking forward to explaining how music speaks about different personality and what is it's effects.
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Story first published: Friday, March 26, 2010, 12:29 [IST]