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Forget Hard Work, Let's Take Up Some Fun Employment

Fun Employment
No more toiling in the sun - the new fad that's gaining its popularity in Britian. Why? Well, blame the clouds of recession that still looms over the world.

Yes, it's true and official that the credit crunch-hit Brit workers are increasingly quitting the rat race, and going for what they call 'fun-employment'. Many workers are choosing to leave stresses and strains of work behind, while others are in search of a better work-life balance.

On this, Sky News quotes Dominic Harrison, from the Future Foundation, as saying, "The recession is causing many to ask serious questions about their habits and work life to see if it's really working for them." He concludes: "It makes some people want to press the pause button on life."

Jimmy Wallace is one of the many to have taken up the new fad. He is a leisure industry manager, and has spent weeks at home with his family, but has now decided to put off getting back into the rat race, and is planning a once in a lifetime trip to America. He, the father of the two further adds: "It's miserable losing your job but I was lucky to get a pay-off from my previous employers. So we've decided as a family to make the best of a bad situation and spend as much time together."

Sue Bateman, who has worked in the car industry for 16 years , has taken to pursue a life-long ambition to travel around Asia. Through company Gap Year For Grown-Ups, Sue's taking a 'Paycation' for nine months to work as a volunteer.

The Bristol-based firm can barely import VW campervans fast enough to keep up with demand. "People of all ages just want to be able to get away from it all at a moment's notice ," said co-owner Jason Jones.

Sales of retro-style campervans are up 250 percent, which means the recession-weary more than ever appear to be taking off in search of something better.


Story first published: Friday, August 7, 2009, 17:03 [IST]
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