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Facelift For Taj Mahal

By Staff

To maintain the exquisite craftsmanship of the monument of love – Taj Mahal, archeologist's will soon apply “multani mitti" pack to it. Indian officials say a deep-cleansing mud pacwill help to return a yellowing Taj Mahal to the cultural landmark's former white marble glory. The restoration process will cost 0,000 (£116,000).

According to the archaeologists report, the method was discovered in the 16th century Mogul journal Ain-I-Akbary. The mud draws out the polluting sulphates and carbonates, when brushed on in layers until it is an inch deep. It"s the second time that the Archeological Survey of India is going to experiment with Multani pack. The first experiment was done in 2002. The method has proved to have restorative qualities that it is now being exported to Italy to clean grimy monuments and treat blackened marble statues in Rome and Florence. Multani mitti, is an ancient face-pack recipe consisting of soil, cereal, milk and lime. .

Research states that the yellow tinge on the buildings marble is due to the high levels of tiny dirt particles in the air which gather on the surface of the marble. A decade ago fearing the effects of the pollution of the city on the monument Supreme court ordered thousands of smoke-generating iron foundries and kilns near the building to be closed or moved. Vehicles are not allowed to drive within 2km of the site. Most of the visitors make their way to the monument n horse-drawn carriages or battery-operated buses.

Story first published: Thursday, January 24, 2008, 9:04 [IST]
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