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Valentines Day Celebrations In Other Countries

By Super Admin

valentines day celebrations vary from country to country. Read some of the interesting facts about valentines day in other cultures.


Denmark is known for Danish valentine cards. These lovers card when held up to the light shows the picture of a lover handing his love a gift. While some Danish people exchange poems and candy snowdrops on this day the others send love notes. These are naughty love notes called 'gaekkebrev', on which the sender signs his or her name in dots. If the receiver guesses the right name he will get a candy egg at Easter time.


valentines day is celebrated as a grand festival in Scotland. Equal numbers of young unmarried men and women participate in the festival. Each of them will write their name on a piece of paper. The chits are placed in two different hats as one for men and the other for ladies. Both of them may end up with two different valentines but the rules states that the young man should stick to the valentine who has chosen him first.

After the group split into couples, gifts are given to ladies and the ladies would then wear the name of their valentine in their heart or on their sleeve. This festival usually leads to marriages or romances at the end of the day.


Koreans celebrate with the traditional gift of candy from females to males on February 14. Men give their gifts to their beloved only after a month on " white day". This day many men confess their love for the first time to their sweethearts.

Koreans have kept aside a special day as "Black day" on April 14, for people who did not receive anything for valentines day. On this day all singles eat Jajangmyun, a Chinese style noodles in black sauce together.


Due to westernization February 14 is celebrated as valentines day in Taiwan. However they also celebrate a traditional valentines day on July 7of the lunar calendar. On this day men get expensive bouquet of roses and other flowers to their beloved.

Number of roses in the bouquet, foretell a message to their sweetheart. According to the Taiwan tradition, one red rose means, " my only love", eleven rose mean, " my favourite", ninety-nine roses mean, " love you forever", and 108 roses means, " Marry me".


Slovenia is one of the top valentine destinations. Here are some of the interesting facts regarding its traditions and celebrations.

  • They believe that the birds propose to each other or marry on this day.
  • Slovenian's believe that on February 14 plants and flowers start growing. They have an interesting proverb on this fact that states, "Valentine - first saint of spring"
  • Slovenians first works on the field as Valentine's Day commence since it marks the beginning of spring.
  • However the traditional love day of Slovenia is not February 14, but 12 March, the Saint Gregory's day.
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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 31, 2007, 14:42 [IST]
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