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World Photography Day 2021: Best Travel Photographers on Instagram To Follow

Photography is a silent demonstration of things. A photo can speak louder than words. It is so powerful to trigger our memories by capturing beautiful moments. For all the beginners, experienced and versatile photographers out there, today is your day!

Every year, August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day to inspire all photographers worldwide to share their world with us by sharing a single photo defining a single purpose. We thank these creative heads for bringing the world to us and showing us how beautiful nature can look through the lens.

Let's dig more into the significance of this day and the extraordinary photographers on Instagram from whom you can take a cue if you are a budding photographer-

Why World Photography Day Is Celebrated

The history of World Photography Day started with the invention of the Daguerreotype photographic process (1839-1860), which was a unique image created on a highly polished copper/silver plate. This process of image capturing was developed by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the year 1839. Later, its patent was purchased in the same year on 9th January, by the French Academy of Sciences who announced it as a gift 'free to the world' on this day.

In the year 2010 on the same day, the official World Photography Day was marked as on this day, the first global online gallery was hosted in which around 270 photographers posted their best pictures with around 100 countries visiting the website.

Best Travel Photographers On Instagram

  • Chris Burkard: This surf, landscape, and lifestyle photographer are on the top of the list with 3.4 million followers.
  • Alex Strohl: This Madrid (Spain) born photographer is best known for capturing the travel moments sensually and intimately. He visits many remote corners of the world to unfold those moments. He has 2 million followers on Instagram.
  • Quin: This man's adventure pictures comes with a subject which is truly appreciating. His pictures will surely stir your memories and make you feel right there in the image. He has 1 million followers on his list.
  • Brooke Saward: A 24-year-old photographer and an author of two books, this girl have really some of the best travel and lifestyle tips on Instagram. She has 598k followers worldwide.
  • Johan Lolos: The expertise of outdoor photography, Johan Lolos landscape shots are amazing and breathtaking. He is a man of adventure and exploration who is never scared of getting dirty for a perfect shot. He has 451k followers on Instagram.
  • Eric Rubens: This photographer is best known for pictures of beaches, cityscapes, streets who makes his every photo feels golden. He has 418k followers on his Instagram followers list.
  • Sean Ench: A photographer of rock, wind, sea, sky or say, a person for a taste of powerful forces which is as strong and commanding. This man has 127k followers on Instagram.

Tips For Smartphone Photography

Sometimes, the best photos are clicked randomly. We know, carrying a DSLR with huge lenses every time is not possible for budding photographers. So, we have bought you some amazing smartphone photography tips to give wings to your passion.

Check out the tips if you are a budding photographer-

  • Start with the basics and wipe the lenses first before clicking
  • Understand the functions of your phone's camera and know its limits
  • Learn about the low-light conditions in your photo to capture photos at any time of the day
  • Opt for third-party camera apps when needed
  • Understand the 'focus' option on your phone
  • Understand which angle will suit best for the pictures
  • Learn exposure control to understand how much light or dark you need for your image.
Even though memories stay with us forever and we can feel them but we are unable to see them and this is where photography comes in. You can actually capture the moment and relive it whenever you want to.

Today, people are more concerned about the technical difficulties or the clarity of a photograph, but clicking pictures is all about how you contemplate your ideas through the lens. The approach to photography has also been changed over the years as many people now are ready to embrace it as their full-fledged career.

So, the time is now! If you think you have that photography bug in you, just step out, explore the world and capture a moment which will be relived by others in the years to come.

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