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13 Unique Birthday Ideas That Are More Fun Than Throwing A Party

Whenever it comes to celebrating birthdays for adults, we are always out of super cool ideas, aren't we? Well, apart from throwing a lavish party there are other ways too to mark this day!

We have listed some amazing, fun and crazy ideas that will make your day and no, you don't have to rob a bank for that!

1. Take A Day Off From Your Work

One of the best things that you can do to make your birthday memorable is by taking a day off and spending it according to your wish. You can think of waking up early in the morning and watching the mesmerising sunrise. Also, you can do things that you make you happy but due to the lack of time, you were unable to do them.


2. Go For A Body Massage

Your busy routine may not allow you to breathe at times and therefore, it will be a great feeling to get a nice and soothing massage after you return home from a tiring day at work. Well, then you can think of getting a nice body massage on your birthday and rejuvenate your mind and body.


3. Food Is The Key To A Happy Soul

Check out an interesting recipe online and customise it as per your taste. Be it a chocolate cake or biryani, try cooking something special for yourself. Also, you can take help from your family members and prepare a nice meal for them.


4. Provide Free Meals To Poor And Animals

Distribute free food and meals on your birthday to those who do not have a care in this world. You can think of renting a food truck for this and distributing food to those who sleep on footpaths and live in sums. You can also think of feeding animals.
You will be having a great time and some sweet memories that you will cherish forever.


5. Visit Your Grandparents

Do you remember those days when your grandparents used to tell you various stories? You can relive those moments on your birthday by paying them a surprise visit. Your grandparents will be more than happy to see you. You can also think of talking to them over the call. In case, they are no more, you can visit old-age homes and spend some time with people living there.


6. Go To A Farmhouse Or An Amusement Park

One of the best ways to celebrate your birthday can be visiting an amusement park or a farmhouse. This can help you in getting away from the city crowd and spending the day in a peaceful and fun way. You can also think of going to a vineyard and tasting some amazing wine. You can invite your friends for the same or go with your partner if you wish. You can also buy a bottle or two of some tempting wine.

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7. Watch Plays At A Theatre

If you haven't watched a play for a long time in a theatre, then how about going for the same birthday? For this, you can look for some good plays that are being organised in your city and book tickets for the same.


8. Play Your Favourite Games

There is absolutely no problem if you are an introvert. Play your favourite video games. Also, if you are fond of playing indoor or board games, then you can plan a game night with friends. Also, snacks and cushions will be lovely.


9. Trekking Can Be A Nice Getaway

How about being adventurous on your birthday? Well, you can go trekking to an offbeat place and enjoy quality time with yourself. This will not only bring a thrilling experience to you but will also help you in regaining your enthusiasm. You can also plan for a short trip on your birthday. It can be a group or a solo trip, depending upon how you want to spend your time. This will not only make your day a memorable one but will also help you in gaining some new and valuable experiences.


10. Catch Up With Your Old Friends

Meeting old friends is always a great idea of spending one's day. You can do the same. All you would need to do is call your friends and let them know that you are willing to meet them. You can call them in a restaurant, park or at your place.


11. Write A Letter To Yourself

One of the other ways of making your day special is by writing a letter to yourself. You can write down your emotions and aspirations. Also, you have regrets for something, you can pen down the same in the letter. You can go through the letters, after many years.


12. Learn Meditation

Staying fit and healthy is another way of expressing self-love. Therefore, you can learn meditation on your birthday. When what you think, what you say and what you do are aligned, you are bound to feel good. Take an oath to keep your mind and body healthy. Also, try practising yoga, it will help you in staying fit in the long run.


13. Try Reading A Nice Book

Doesn't matter if you are a bookworm or not, reading a nice book is a great idea for people who don't like to socialise. Be it a fictional or non-fictional book, it will never disappoint you. In addition to this, you can also watch movies.

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Make all your wishes come true this birthday!

Story first published: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 17:25 [IST]
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