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What Motivates You? 6 Tips To Figure Out Your Motivation In Life

If we don't know what motivates us, we will lose our way and mindlessly run everywhere in search of answers. There can be many things around that may motivate you to work hard in your life. After all, motivation is the only factor that encourages you to move ahead in your life. It is the reason you wake up every morning and head towards your work or college/school. Different people have different sources of motivation in their lives.

However, in addition to motivation, it is our will-power also that helps us keep going until we reach our goals and fulfil our dreams. But a time comes, when you may feel low and exhausted to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. In that case, it is your motivation that instils enthusiasm in you. You feel energised again to work hard for your dreams and make your future bright. Therefore, knowing your source of motivation is extremely important for you so that you can curate a plan and act accordingly.

But we may wonder from where can we draw our motivation and can often feel lost if we are unable to find answers. So, we are here with some clues that will help you to acknowledge the same.


1. You Always Think About It

First of all, ask yourself a simple question, ‘what is that thing which is always on your mind'. Is it a new car, your own house, more money, a flourishing career or writing a book? Just pay attention to what always stays on in your mind. No matter if you are sleeping, eating, dancing at a party or spending time with your loved ones, you just can't keep away your mind from it. You may think that since paying bills, rent, etc, are always on your mind, therefore, these are your motivation. Well, then you may be wrong.


2. You Always Take Out Time For It

What is that thing you are always keen to make time for it? Is it your dream of being a singer or writer or is it scoring the best marks in your university? Whatever it is, you will always make time for it, irrespective of how tight your schedule is. Even if you are dog tired, you will still try your best to dedicate some time to it. Such as you may study for 3 extra hours or would learn some skills to ensure you are not lacking anywhere.


3. You Want It As Much As It’s Important To Breathe

You will always find your source of motivation as important as it is to breathe. Such as a person whose motivation is his/her dream of being a photographer will treat photography no less than his/her life. The person will give his/her best efforts and do whatever is needed to be a photographer. Even if he/she is not feeling well, the person won't spend a day without dedicating a few hours to photography.


4. You Are Ready To Walk An Extra Mile For It

Do you feel the urge to walk the extra mile for something which is you think is extremely important in your life? Such as even if you are too tired to work, you will sit with your books to go through your lessons to score the best marks. You will try to learn as much as you can to ensure you are moving a step closer to your dream. On top of this, you will never work for it deliberately or for the sake of it. In fact, you feel happy when you put extra effort.


5. You Have Listed It Among The Most Important Things

You might have made a list of things that are quite important in your life and the things that you want to do in your life, no matter what. Such as you may have made a list of places you want to visit or the things you would do before turning 30. So go through the list and find what is that thing which is the most important among those mentioned in the list. You might have labelled it as one of the most important things in your life. In fact, in no circumstances, you would be ready to give up on that thing. Also, when you move a step closer to it, you feel extremely proud and happy for yourself.


6. You Are Always Engrossed In It

Do you find yourself involves in activities that make lose the track of time? Such as if you are always engrossed in reading your books and can never get bored of doing so, it means that your books can be your motivation. You may, in fact, find yourself going through your books every now and then. You may finish your work too soon to spare some time to spend with your books or may even forget other things once you start reading books.

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Your source of motivation may change over time such as when you were younger, your motivation was being able to ride a bicycle. But when you grew older, you feel motivated by the thought of working in a reputed organisation. At some point of life, your motivation can be helping others. So, your motivation may change according to the experiences that you gain in your life. What matters the most is how beautifully you figure out your motivation and work accordingly.

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