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14 Signs Of Self-Loathing That You Need To Know

Self-loathing is a serious problem as it leads to severe self-criticism. It is a condition where a person may develop an extreme disliking. The person may consider himself/ herself good for nothing and have low self-esteem. Even if they do something good and appreciable, they won't give credit to yourself. You consider yourself as the person who can never do any right thing.

But there are times when one may criticise him/herself for not being able to do a work properly. This self-criticism may at times prove to be helpful and encouraging. But if you feel that you are self-loathing, then it's high time when you look into these signs.

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1. You Blame Yourself For Everything

There are times when you may not get the desired results despite your hard work. This doesn't mean you are responsible for all the mishappenings around you. Maybe things didn't go as you expected or maybe it was someone else's fault. Someone who is self-loathing will blame himself/herself in every negative circumstance.


2. You Often Apologise For Other's Mistakes

There are some things that are beyond our control. Apologising to others even when you are not at the fault is a major sign of self-loathing. You may consider apologising for a polite thing to do but then this can decrease your value and lower your self-esteem. You need to understand that there are some situations that are beyond your control and you don't have to apologise for everything.


3. You Seek Validation From Others

When you are full of self-hatred, you may not be able to trust your decisions and actions. You may look forward to other's validation to ensure if you are doing right or wrong. This will eventually decrease your self-esteem.


4. You Are Scared To Try Something New

Self-loathing leads to a decrease in one's confidence and therefore, you may not want to try something new. You may think that you won't succeed if you step out of your comfort zone.


5. You Have Prior Feeling Of Getting Defeated

Due to self-loathing, you tend to persuade your mind that you may not be able to do work. You are often overwhelmed with the fear of getting defeated and therefore, you rarely try taking a risk.


6. You Envy Others And Consider Yourself Weak

Self-loathing also causes you to envy others as you feel everyone around you is better than you. Rather than working on yourself, you often compare yourself with others.


7. You Do Not Accept Compliments From People

Since you believe you are good for nothing, you feel really awkward and difficult in accepting compliments from others. Sometimes you may feel that people are lying to you, even if you really deserve appreciation.


8. You Have Isolated Yourself From Others

This is another major sign of self-loathing. Due to extreme hatred, you think everyone hates you. Perhaps that's why you prevent yourself from socialising with people.


9. You Do Not Trust Your Talent

Self-loathing can make you doubt your talent. Since you consider yourself responsible for every mishappenings, you rarely trust your existing skills and talent.


10. You Are Never Out Of Your Past

All of us make some mistakes but that doesn't make you a criminal. It is okay if you have made mistakes and learned a lesson from it. You need to understand that you can never be right all the time and therefore, you do not have to hold on to the moments when you were wrong. There is always something good to look forward to.


11. You Fear Voicing Your Opinion(s)

When you do not have faith in yourself, you tend to stop yourself from voicing your opinions. You always fear that you are not good enough and will be judged by the people around you. This is because you think you can't make the right decisions and are responsible for whatever goes wrong.


12. You Are Not Confident Of Your Physical Appearance

You feel your physical appearance is not at all good and therefore, no one will like you or even make fun of you. This can also trigger self- hate. Due to this, you don't take care of your emotional and physical health.


13. You Are Scared Of Getting In A Relationship

Falling in love is not as easy as a cake-walk. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be loved. You may consider yourself an imperfect and non-deserving person.


14. You Consider Yourself Incompetent

Constant self-hatred and extreme disliking can make you feel incompetent among people. Due to this, you do not want to compete with people and prefer staying in your comfort zone.

Nobody is born perfect and therefore, blaming yourself for everything is not a wise thing to do. Accept yourself and also forgive yourself for all the past mistakes. Rather than hating yourself and your decisions, learn to love yourself and you can conquer the world!

Story first published: Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 18:30 [IST]
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