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17 Myths About Introverts And The Facts You May Not Be Knowing

Introverts have often been misunderstood and are often called as anti-social by the people around them. Even though someone who loves to stay in his/her comfort zone and is mostly seen enjoying their solitude. People often ask introverts to come out of their shell and interact with others or be like extroverts.

But do you know introverts are more than what you perceive them to be? We have listed some pointers that will surely bust myths about introverts. Scroll down to read more.

6 Important Lessons Extroverts Can Always Learn From Introverts


1. They Are Quite Shy

Shyness has nothing to do with being introvert. One can be a shy person irrespective of his/her personality. Introverts avoid speaking unnecessarily and unless they open with people around them. You won't find them interacting just for the sake of it. In fact, they will interact only when they feel like.


2. They Are Not So Fond Of People

Contrary to this belief, you will find introverts giving importance to their friendships and their loved ones. Introverts love people just like extroverts do. Instead of knowing more and more people, introverts prefer being around genuine and trustworthy people.


3. They Do Not Like To Interact

Who said introverts do not like interacting with people. Well, you may have found them feeling a bit awkward in initiating a conversation in the first place but that doesn't mean they do not like interacting. Once you spend some time with them and develop a bond, you will be amazed to find how wonderful they are.


4. They Always Want To Be Alone

No doubt introverts often spend alone time but that doesn't mean they crave for more me time. In fact, introverts look forward to spending some good time with their loved ones and close friends. They utilise the alone time to re-energise themselves as they feel exhausted after speaking for a long time.


5. They Have No Friends

So, this is another misconception about introverts. But the truth is, introverts too have friends. Though they may not have as many friends as extroverts, introverts have close and trustworthy friends. The crux of the fact is they prefer quality over quantity.


6. They Are Rude To Others

Introverts may not be as good as extroverts when it comes to being expressive. This is why introverts are often misunderstood as rude people. They never want to be mean to be others it's just that they may not express their emotions in a better way. They need some time to open up to people and therefore, considering introverts as rude is not a good thing to do.


7. They Prefer To Stay In Their Comfort Zone

It is true that all of us have our own comfort zones. Tagging introverts as people who are scared to step out from their comfort zone is wrong. It's just that introverts take some time to make their decisions and avoid being impulsive.


8. They Aren't Fun-Loving

Introverts too love enjoying and having fun with their close friends. Rather than going to crowded places or pubs, they look forward to enjoying moments in some calm places. They love exploring places, drinking and taking part in some adventurous activities.

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9. They Lack Self-Confidence

People often think that introverts lack self-confidence just because they do not interact with many people. However, the truth is they are quite confident people. the only difference is introverts need some time to socialise with people around them.


10. They Do Not Want To Meet New People

This is not true. Though introverts try to stay away from mass gatherings and crowd, they feel comfortable in small gatherings. For them, meeting new people is equally interesting, provided they meet in-person with them, one at a time and yes, away from the crowd.


11. They Are Often Depressed And Lonely

You may often find introverts sitting alone and enjoying their solitude. But that doesn't make them lonely and desperate. Maybe the person wants some 'me-time' to think and analyse something important. Thus considering them lonely and desperate is not relevant.


12. They Do Not Mind When Interrupted

Nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence. You need to understand that introverts too put an equal amount of efforts to bring their best ideas. So just because an introvert doesn't react after being interrupted, you can't always interrupt him/her.


13. They Are Quite Judgemental

Introverts can be often misunderstood as judgemental people because of their quiet and observant behaviour. But who knows if they are just thinking and analysing about something important.


14. They Are Not As Happier As Extroverts

To be very honest, happiness and other emotions have little do with one's personality. One can be either happy or unhappy regardless of his/her personality traits. Therefore, if you think introverts aren't happy only because do not socialise much, then you may be wrong.


15. They Can Not Achieve Their Goals

People often consider introverts as underachievers. If you go through the history pages, you will find many singers, scientists, athletes, actors, public figures, etc. who were introverts in their childhood or when they were teenagers. Also, as they say, don't judge a book by its cover.


16. They Can Easily Become Extroverts

It is a person's choice to decide if he or she wants to change his/her personality. Moreover, if a person is comfortable in being an introvert, then why would he or she change his/her behaviour. A person can be born as an introvert and therefore, expecting them to change their behaviour is not a good thing.


17. They Do Not Prefer Working In Groups

You may find introverts giving their best when working alone. However, this is not true. Introverts do not feel comfortable working in large groups where their opinion is not heard. They find it easy to work in small groups with hardworking and committed team members.

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It is never good to judge someone on the basis of their personality. Introverts too have emotions and it is not necessary for them to be like extroverts.

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