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10 Tips That Will Make Conversations With Strangers Comfortable

Some people are well-skilled in initiating a conversation with a stranger. They rarely face any problem or hesitation in interacting with a stranger. But not everyone is a pro in it and therefore, talking to a stranger may feel a tough thing for some of us. But one can not deny the fact that talking with strangers can help us in making new connections and knowing people around us. So in that case, we are here to help you. You can go through the below-mentioned points to know how you can interact with strangers and build connections.

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1. Try Making An Eye-Contact

Making eye-contact is one of the best things to do before interacting with someone. If the people around you respond to your gaze with a smile or a positive nod, then you can surely initiate a conversation with them. But don't stare at them, it will freak them out. Rather you can ask them to talk about themselves. That way you can break the ice.


2. If Possible, Compliment Them

If you find something fascinating in them, then you can pass a nice compliment. Such as you can compliment them for their hair, clothes, footwear, watch or even a tattoo. But make sure the compliment is genuine and pleasant, else the person may get offended. Such as you can try saying, "I like your shoes, they complement your dress" or "I love your hairstyle, it makes you look beautiful."


3. Initiate Small-Talks

n order to save yourself from the awkward feeling of introducing yourself in the first place or complimenting them, you can think of initiating small-talks. Such as you can talk about the place, party or the event you are taking part in


4. Introduce Yourself

In order to initiate the conversation with strangers, you can first introduce yourself. Introducing yourself will help you in breaking the ice and being comfortable. Once you have introduced yourself, you can ask the other person to do the same. Also, if you know someone at the party or a social gathering can be more helpful as you can ask the mutual friend to introduce you to the other people.


5. Smile And Be Genuinely Curious

Introducing yourself and initiating a small talk is not enough while you are trying to have a conversation with strangers. You also need to examine the body language of the person you are trying to have a conversation with. If they seem to be distracted, have crossed their arms/legs or are trying to move away then it is a sign they aren't interested in talking. In that case, it is better to give them space.


6. Don't Ask Generic Questions

Asking generic questions can be really boring. If you are honestly curious about knowing that person, ask proper questions. Also, it is advisable that you don't talk about the weather! In case you feel awkward, find your friend to accompany you when you meet new people.

This way you will be able to break the ice and initiate an easy conversation. You can also ask where they are from or what they do in their spare time.


7. Offer A Helping Hand If They Need

Be genuinely kind. If you try to fake it, then the person will develop trust issues. If you find someone who has lost their way, then try to help them, if they reject your help, step back and respect their choices.


8. Find Something You Both Have In Common

Having something in common can be one of the best ways to build a connection with strangers. You can mention the things you find common between you and them. If the person has similar likes and dislikes, it is easy to connect with them. Or if both of you belong to a common city or locality, you can have a nostalgic conversation.


9. Be A Good Listener

It is not very nice if you keep jabbering about your life, try to be a good listener, it will help you to connect with a stranger. When you value their ideas and perspectives, it will become easy for them to share anything with you.

Being feeble and dull while you are interacting with someone can be a huge turnoff.


10. You Need To Understand When To Stop

If you are not enjoying a particular conversation, then move out of it in a smooth way. But, if you like talking to that person, then tell them that you will love to meet them again. Don't sound pushy or desperate, just behave in a normal manner.

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No matter how many tips we add here, the best thing to do is to simply be yourself!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 7:30 [IST]
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