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Happy 75th Independence Day 2021: Ways To Celebrate This Day During This Pandemic

With India still fighting with the coronavirus outbreak, the celebrations of 75th Independence Day will be carried out with extra safety. Unlike every year where we dressed up in our best clothes, saw our tricolour soaring high in the sky and enjoying the day with contentment in our hearts, we may not be able to do the same this year. But that doesn't mean we won't be able to enjoy this day.

This 15 August 2021, you can celebrate the 75th Independence day in some of the below-mentioned ways. These ways will not only help you in celebrating this national festival but will also ensure that you are safe from the COVID-19. Read on:

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1. Organise A Tricolour Competition At Your Place

This is one of the interesting ways to celebrate Independence Day at your home without going out. The competition can be either decorating a flower pot or pen-stand and something else in tricolour or getting ready in a tricolour ensemble. You can also ask your neighbours, family members or friends, to prepare some recipes having tricolour in it. You can also invite some of your friends or relatives at your place for the competition but make sure you are taking the safety measures necessary for stopping the spread of coronavirus.

2. Binge-Watch Some Patriotic Movies

If you are a die-hard fan of movies and are always ready to watch some or the other movie, then how about watching some patriotic movies on this day? There are so many movies that show the freedom struggle and how our freedom fighters fought for gaining independence from the British Raj. There are some movies made on Rani Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh and many more. You can watch those with your family members and enjoy the day.

3. Have A Rangoli-Making Competition

Talking about celebrating Independence Day and not mentioning rangoli, is totally impossible. If you are bored and are looking for a change in this lockdown, then how about having a rangoli-making competition in your society, building or with just some of your relatives? You can also have a virtual rangoli making competition. For this, you can ask your friends and family to make rangoli at their places and share pictures of the same. The best one can then get a gift as a prize.

4. Play Antakshari On Patriotic Songs

If you have ever played Antakshari, you won't deny that it is quite engaging and interesting. But this Independence Day, you don't have to play the traditional Antakshari where you sing Bollywood songs. In fact, this time you can sing patriotic songs while you are playing Antakshari with your loved ones. In case, you do not want to sing; you can have a competition where you are able to recognise certain freedom fighters just by seeing their pictures or by going through their quotes.

5. Bake A Tricolour Cake

Are you nostalgic about the times when you used to have sweets on Independence Day? Well, you can relive those days in a bit different ways. For this, you can think of baking a tricolour cake on this Independence Day and enjoying it with your friends and family members. You can also think of making some other sweet dishes to enjoy with your loved ones.

6. Paint Something Memorable

We know that you have spent so many months sitting at your home and thus it is obvious for anyone to get bored. Therefore, this Independence Day, why don't you try doing something useful and productive. For example, you can either paint a t-shirt in tricolour or scenery on 15 August 2020. You can also paint your family photo or a picture of your pet dog.

7. Throw A Tricolour Theme Selfie Challenge On Social Media

There's nothing strange in throwing and accepting various challenges on social media. This Independence Day, you can think of giving challenges to your friends to upload their selfies in a tricolour theme. You can also ask them to make some videos related to Independence Day. For example, they can either lip-sync on any patriotic dialogue.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you can think of helping needy people and those who are underprivileged. You can also think of visiting an orphanage or old-age home and distribute clothes, food items and first-aid kits. Trust us, these ways will help you in celebrating Independence Day in a memorable way.

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We wish you a Happy Independence Day!