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Parents Do Not Want Their Son To Touch Himself And They Installed CCTV

Parenting in the right way can be tough as you need to make sure that you are not feeding your child's brain with filthy stuff, since you as parents are their first teachers!

Here is a case of a teenager who shared a bizarre incident of how his parents behaved when they caught him masturbating.

Check out the details of the entire incident.


His Dad Caught Him In The Act

Apparently, the teen was caught by his father when he barged into his son's room without knocking. The dad caught the teen in the act and he started screaming at him for doing so.


The Post Read

The teen who is just 15 years old, hails from Atlanta, USA. He posted on social media asking for some advice. In his post, he wrote that his parents had installed cameras in his bedroom and bathroom to prevent him from masturbating.


His Parents Ordered The Camera Online

When the teen was caught in the act, his parents tried to explain to him that touching himself and masturbating was indeed wrong. To make sure their son does not repeat the act, the parents apparently ordered a CCTV online, which they later installed in the boy's bedroom and bathroom. They even told the teen that they would monitor the footage every day.


The Post Was Taken Down Later

On investigation it was found out that the boy's parents were freak morons who did not wish their son to attend sex education classes even in his school and they were against pre-marital sexual activities as well.

We wonder what happened to the boy later as his post was deleted and there was no update.

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Story first published: Monday, May 20, 2019, 13:01 [IST]
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