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Men In These Countries Have A Tough Time Finding A Woman To Marry

There are several countries where men struggle to get a partner. In some countries, the male population strongly outweighs the female population, which makes it difficult for men to find women.

There are a few countries where stats reveal that men in certain countries have a tough time finding partners.

Men Have A Tough Time To Find A Woman To Marry

Find out about these countries where it is difficult for men to find women.



Libya is a country that has been engaged in various civil wars for many years. As a result, it had lead to the retreats of vulnerable women. Hence, the country has a large number of men than women.


The Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country where people have more ratio of men than women. Since women here have a lack of jobs, they tend to make women leave for other countries and settle there.



According to stats, in Iceland, on an average, there are 104 men for every 100 women. It is reported that even the Icelandic government had offered foreign ladies to marry the men of the country, but eventually it turned out to be a rumour.



According to reports, in Norway, there are about 12,000 more men than the woman population. And it's not clear yet how to reduce this gender gap.



Afghanistan was one of the most peaceful countries before the war that ravaged the country. Since the time the Taliban took control of the country it made the women flee from this country.



India is known as the most populated country in the world but the ratio of men is higher than that of women due to the ongoing violence and gender inequality.

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