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Daily Horoscope: 9th February, 2018

By Shabana Kachhi
Horoscope 09 February 2018 | 09 फरवरी 2018 दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology| Boldsky

Ever wished to know how your day will be as soon as you wake up? We will grant all your wishes. Our daily astrology horoscope will let you know exactly how your day will go.

Our daily horoscope is made by studying the moon signs of each zodiac house. Every planet has an energy which it passes on to its respective zodiac sign.

This helps the astrologers predict the events that will happen in the future. The study of astrology is not magic, but a science which tells us about the movement of the stars. This means that we humans are strongly connected to the stars, which are so many million miles away from us.

Here is your daily horoscope for February 9th, 2018. Know what today holds for you.


Aries: 21 March-20 April

You will be required to earn the confidence of people in your field of work. Long travel is on the cards for you. There are chances of a dear friend drifting away from you.


Taurus: 21 April-21 May

You are predicted to go to the markets to buy a valuable item. You will also be a part of an important social event. Chances of accidents are foreseen for you during travel; therefore, you are advised to stay cautious.


Gemini: 22 May-21 June

An argument with spouse will put you in a bad mood today. You will experience disrespect in society too. You are advised to finish any task which is assigned to you.


Cancer: 22 June-22 July

There will be a lot of people who will revolt against you at your work place. You will try to find a solution to your long impending health issue. Certain health issues may trouble you today.


Leo: 23 July-21 August

You are advised to retrospect your goals before doing a task and go ahead only if it is for the better of the society. Your friends may not support you in your endeavors, but you can expect support from your family members. Issues regarding your wife may keep you troubled today.


Virgo: 22 August-23 September

You will be worried regarding your health and will try many ways to keep yourself healthy. You will recover some money, which you had lent. Also, if you have taken any loans, you are advised to repay it as soon as possible.


Libra: 24 September-23 October

Your health will keep you worried today. Issues relating to your child may also trouble you. However, your wife will be the carrier of good news. For students, it is a good day to gain admissions in college of your choice.


Scorpio: 24 October-22 November

Some issues at work place are predicted to happen for you. You may also argue with important people. Health wise, you may experience pain in the parts of your body below the knees; therefore, you are advised to be careful.


Sagittarius: 23 November-22 December

You will work hard to keep up the promises you made. Health issues may worry you. Meeting some old friends and some issues regarding your wife will keep you in a happy state of mind today.


Capricorn: 23 December-20 January

You will accomplish an important task in a social gathering. Your travels will be successful but long. Buying of a vehicle is on the cards for you.


Aquarius: 21 January-19 February

It is a very good day for matters relating to education. Students wanting to travel abroad for further studies will see things moving forward. However, it is a very bad day for people expecting to win in a lottery. Your economic condition is good and will improve further.


Pisces: 20 February-20 March

Chances of a robbery or an accident are foreseen for you today. You may also lose a valuable item. Argument with your parents is also on the cards, which you are advised to strictly avoid, as it will attract bad karma. Good news will come your way today.

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