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    Call For Help! These 4 Kids Need Help For Their Survival!

    This is an article which is an action call to all the fellow citizens to save the lives of 4 young kids who are battling with their lives as they are suffering from different health conditions.

    Here we bring in stories of these four kids who need immediate help to get their treatments started as with each passing day, these little souls are struggling to fight the battle for survival.

    4 Kids Who Need Immediate HELP!!

    Go ahead, read their stories and make sure you do contribute some amount as even a little amount of even Rs. 500 will help to save the lives of these beautiful children.

    1. Veer Has Been Battling Thalassemia Since He Was 6 Months Old!

    Veer is a seven-year-old young little boy who is bravely fighting his battle with thalassemia since he was just six months old. Coming from a low-income family where he lost his elder brother due to a brain injury and a grandmother who is a diabetic person who has to pay for her medical bills of over 10,000 every month, it gets difficult for his dad to manage all the expenses.

    Veer needs an immediate bone marrow transplant that can help him get better, and with his own younger sister being the best match for him, the family is not in a state to undergo the operation as it would cost over Rs. 15 lakh!

    So, if you are reading this and feel the need to help him and his family battle their fight for survival, then go ahead and click the link to make some quick donations.

    Donate Here: Save Veer

    2. Samraat Is Just A 1-year-old Boy Suffering From Ventricular Septal Defect

    Samraat is a one-year-old boy who is suffering from 'Ventricular Septal Defect' which in layman's term means the poor kid has a hole in his heart. Samraat's dad is a construction worker who earns a mere Rs. 300 per day, and there are days when he does not earn anything due to the scarcity of work.

    This is making it difficult for his family to meet both ends. All that he needs is Rs. 2 lakh for his immediate treatment as his condition is continuously deteriorating.

    His mother reveals, "He has become so weak, he can't even sit up straight. He keeps struggling for breath and at time gasps." So, if you are looking forward to helping this kid fight his condition and live a healthy life, then please go ahead and click on the below link and donate some amount.

    Donate Here: Save Samraat

    3. Vishaka Is 10 And Suffers From Multiple Organ Failure

    Vishaka had recently recovered from dengue, but her fragile body was unable to fight any other disease. One fine day her parents got a call from her school as she had become sick and turned pale. On examination, doctors revealed the worst news to her family as they told her that Vishaka was suffering from multiple organ failure.

    For now, her symptoms are getting worse with each passing day, and she is also vomiting blood at regular interviews and has a persistent fever. Her treatment cost is over Rs. 7 lakh, and we are urging you to save the life of this beautiful girl. Go ahead and be generous by donating some amount to her treatment.

    Donate Here: Save Vishaka

    4. Danasri Suffers From Tracheobronchitis

    Danasri is a 9-month-old baby whose world changed when she was just seven months old as she suffers from tracheobronchitis. Her parents have spent over Rs. 15-20 lakhs in her treatment in the past two months. With Danasri's dad being a tailor who earns Rs. 3000 monthly, it is difficult for the couple to manage the hospital expenses.

    The money that was spent in her treatment was the amount that was borrowed from their family and friends. Also, now, the family is running short of Rs. 5 lakh. With this amount, doctors claim that her condition can improve. So, go ahead and donate for this toddler who needs immediate help.

    Donate Here: Save Danasri

    Remember, helping a soul to fly again is the best feeling ever. So let us help these parents, to save their children.

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