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    Ruthuparna’s Love For Writing Made Him What He Is Today

    By Meghna Bose

    "Enthusiasm defines me," says the 24-year-old guy named Ruthuparna Sharma. From the age of 17, he wanted to become an entrepreneur but never had any idea as to which business to look upon and how to go about it. He explored different streams as well to find out the right thing for him.

    Stories are something that inspired him since childhood, he had a great zeal towards listening and writing stories as well. Later he started writing a lot of pieces and uploading them on his Facebook wall. Once he started doing it, he got a lot of appreciation. All of these posts were under the hashtag, #winheartbylove.

    Passionate Writer Shares His Story

    He even said, "Love is something that inspired me the most, it may not be important that love has to be between any two individuals, you can love your profession, people who cling around you and every other thing is lovable but most importantly self-love is mandatory." He kept on writing his blogs under #winheartbylove and kept motivating others through the power of positivity.
    One fine day his friend asked him to start writing a book and that struck his mind very badly and he was determined to write one. He barely attended school and college classes as he was a state level table tennis player and maintaining notes was not his forte.

    He has tried to excel in a lot of things starting from table tennis, theatre, network marketing, event management, chartered accountancy, distribution business, etc., but didn't find success in any of these. By writing this book he is completing his life's first notes.

    After he came up with an idea of writing a book, the first thing he did was travelling to Kerala all alone for five days and the result of this was his first book In The Rhythm Of Silence. "Sometimes, it's all about discovering yourself and trying new things that you never thought of," says Ruthuparna.

    This book was read by a professor at the Jain University, Bengaluru, and believed that Ruthuparna could be the perfect mentor for his students. The topics he handles there are awareness of self, positive mental attitude, leadership required for the welfare of the nation and he is doing this since December 2017.

    His passion is always with regard to people; if he sees anybody who is low the first thing he does is walk up to them, energize them and make them happy at that moment. This is what he has taken up as a profession. "I want to be a global trainer who actually wants to show how beautiful life is!" said Ruthuparna.

    The book comprises of 30 short stories and experiences that portray essential life lessons taken from everyday stories of our lives. The uniqueness and simplicity of the book are very relatable to those who read it. Faith was the one constant support that was there with him through his ups and downs, highs and lows.

    At one point, when he was 22 years old, his parents gave up on him thinking that he can't do anything. This phase of his life was really tough for him to handle and he couldn't rely on anybody. He still didn't give up and had faith and belief in himself.

    Enthusiastic and empowering are the words that describe him; in short, he is a 'believer'. The first thing he did when he thought of writing a book was travelling to Kerala and finished his book there. So, he basically implemented his thought rather than procrastinating on it.

    Nothing in life should be prioritized other than goals and targets, each and every individual should be focussed. "I am an adventurous guy when it comes to exploring oneself and here is the manifestation of it through 'In The Rhythm Of Silence'," says Ruthuparna.

    His upcoming plan is to publish his second book. He even wants to start an institute on his own which is called A School of Passion where people come together and build a community chasing their dreams and live up to their full potential.

    On asking him about his failure in table tennis, and every other thing he said, "If God upsets your plans he always has better plans for you, and maybe I failed in all of those things to pick up this but now I'm happier than ever.
    There is no other bigger energy than living the life of your dreams."

    Lastly, he quoted his favourite line from his book "Don't only travel to see the world, travel so that the world can see you one day."

    Ruthuparna 's journey from enjoying extra-curricular activities, to failing in his ambition and taking a whole new turn in life is indeed very inspiring.

    Story first published: Saturday, August 11, 2018, 11:38 [IST]
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