2018: Horoscope Prediction For Aquarius

By Shabana

It's a New Year and many Astro enthusiasts are looking for their yearly predictions to know what the New Year has in store for them. Doesn't astrology make life easier that way?

When we are aware of the important things happening in our life, we tend to be ready to face the difficulties better. Astrology helps us understand something that is beyond our usual capacity - future.

That is why we bring to you the yearly horoscope for your sun sign, so that you put the best foot forward in life always.

Here is your yearly horoscope for the zodiac sign of Aquarius for 2018, which will tell you about the major events happening in your zodiac house, all year round.

The planetary positions in the New Year will be as follows. Lord Jupiter is residing in the zodiac house of Libra. It will move on to Scorpio in October. Lord Shani will remain in Sagittarius all throughout the year. Rahu and Keta will reside in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.


Family Life:

Your ruling planet Saturn will reside in your 1st house. This position will be very auspicious for you. You will finally breathe life into all your old schemes and will also earn profits for them. Whatever you wish for will be granted.

If Lord Shani treats you well, whatever you touch will turn to gold. However, there will be some arguments with your younger siblings, which can be avoided if you handle the situation with patience and tact.



You will face some changes in your health according to changes in the weather. Petty issues like fever, cough, cold and joint pain might trouble you. You may also suffer from pain in the bones, teeth, eyes or head on a full moon night or on Sankranti. Try to keep up your mental health. You are highly advised to stay away from foods that sedate the body and are toxic such as alcohol or drugs for a happy mental state.

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Wealth wise, you will not face many difficulties this year, as Lord Saturn will be in your favour. However, you are advised to remain careful in partnerships. If handing out loans to anyone, do not do it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as the money may turn into bad debts. You are predicted to receive money from your father this year.



If you are employed, there are high chances of a promotion this year. You might also get a transfer if Mars is retrograde in your birth chart. In case of an opportunity to go abroad, you are advised to check your birth chart.



Business will be prosperous for you this year. Your ruling planet with the help of Mars will help increase profits. However, you will experience certain delays too, but not losses. Stay away from unnecessary arguments. You are required to handle any issues with patience.

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Love Life:

Your love life will be good this year. There will be sweetness in your relationship, but not without some sourness, the main cause of which will be you. You will want to express your love to your partner but will back off due to your introvert nature.

You will exercise patience in such matters. You are advised to go ahead with courage, as there are high chances of your proposal being accepted. You will not be able to devout much time to your partner due to work load, which might trouble you a bit.

Your partner too might be upset regarding the same. Try to make your relationship strong enough to endure all these trivial issues. Your zodiac house will be influenced by Rahu slightly; therefore, you are advised to be careful.

Your sexual desires may compel you to take a step which may not be accepted by the society and will also earn you a bad name. Therefore, you are advised to refrain from such acts.


Astrologers Suggest:

It is highly suggested that you think twice before taking a step. Do not invest in the share market in haste or take and give a loan. Lord Saturn will be positive for you.


Astro Tip:

You are advised to water a peepal tree regularly. Planting a shami tree will be very beneficial. Help the needy and handicapped whenever you get an opportunity. Also, reciting the paath of Bajrang and Nashthak will bring in lots of luck for you. Chanting mantras of Lord Saturn along with a priest will also be beneficial for you.

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