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    Were You Born In May? Know What Your Future Holds For You

    If you are born in May, then you need to know what your birthday predicts as per your zodiac sign.

    Here in this article, we reveal you about what do stars reveal for every single day for the month of May.

    May predictions

    These stars predict the future and reveal a lot about your personality. We have defined and listed each of the zodiac sign and these predictions are so accurate.

    So find out about individuals who are born during this month as they share thier brthday's with flowers and springs...

    If You Were Born On May 1st

    If your birthday falls on the 1st of his month, then you are believed to be a strong willed individual who is ambitious but at the same time has a laid back attitude. You want to live up to your potential and see if others do the same. As a person are are persistent and full of life. On the other hand, there is very less or no energy that you would waste on wondering what others think of you. On the other hand, if you are musically inclined, then your creativity and charm seem to make you an energetic performer.

    If You Were Born On May 2nd

    If you were born on this day, then you are down to earth, sensible, and a responsible individual. You are a hard worker who has a strong will. On the other hand, you often seem to suffer from sleep disorders that have been brought on by a lack of attention to good nutritional habits. As an individual, you tend to exhibit high imagination, idealism.

    If You Were Born On May 3rd

    If you were born on this date then you have extraordinary good fortune and luck. As a person you are thoughtful and involved. You tend to express yourself well and you also possess quite charm. You are known for your compassion, great disposition and patient attitude. This is something that most of the signs admire in you. On the other hand, you also have great intuition, and versatility. Apart from all this as an individual you are very witty and romantic person who has a warm sincere heart.

    If You Were Born On May 4th

    If your birthday falls on this date then you are believed to be honest, confident and also determined on not expressing your emotions. You heavily rely on practicality and also believe in only things that they can or are true. You do not seem to trust on anything as it seems to be illogical or irrational. On the other hand, you also have a wildly optimistic view of life, and believe that you can make the world a better place with own efforts.

    If You Were Born On May 5th

    If this is your birthdate then your family life and background seem to play a major role in your life. You are free-thinking and anxious individual who loves to go on your own way. Remember there is nothing that can keep you down and becoming successful is an easy task for you. Though new and interesting things seem to attract you easily, it can leads you to become very smart. As an individual you are an outspoken and opinionated person who is bright, curious, and eager.

    If You Were Born On May 6th

    Being born on this day defines you as an individiual who is stubborn but has a high degree of patience and emotional understanding. As a person you are amorous, curious and attractive individual who is intuitive and also possess a strong presence. You seem to have huge appetites and you also need to watch on your calories if you are a fitness freak. As a person, you are extremely outgoing and can also charm the world with your spell of enthusiasm.

    If You Were Born On May 7th

    If you are born on this day then you are strong and dominating as an individual. You are natural artists. You love selflessly, and are often known to make sacrificies. As individuals you have no ego issues with your partner. ON the other hand, you tend to strive for financial security but at the same time you have to know that work matters the most.

    If You Were Born On May 8th

    If this is your birthdate, then you are the "old souls" of your family. You tend to believe that by simply waiting for dreams you can come true than trying on rather foolish methods. You are serious and responsible about health issues. Hence you are often seen eating the right food and exercising regularly.

    If You Were Born On May 9th

    If you are born on this day, then you tend to possess a bold spirit which actually propels you forward toward challenges that others. If you know that if you are successful in bringing your dreams to reality. As individuals, you are firmly grounded and cannot be pushed around.

    If You Were Born On May 10th

    You are typically charming, friendly and caring individual who is calmer and cooler Though you are not necessarily close to your family member, you feel a great sense of responsibility towards others. You have high expectations about your ability to turn failure into success. You need to pay more attention to your health. On the health front, it is good that you avoid conditions such as anxiety, headaches and digestive problems.

    If You Were Born On May 11th

    You are believed to be sensitive, trusting and intuitive in nature. Despite having a reputation for being short-tempered, or critical about things then you tend to command the loyalty and devotion from the people who ever you know. People who are born on this date are said to be considerable as they are talented toward the arts. On the health front, you need to be watchful about throat infections and asthma. Your love for good food will help you maintain healthy diet.

    If You Were Born On May 12th

    If you are born on this day then you are a natural leader. You don't like to push people into things, but rather guide them to see life through your perspective. You love the serious aspects of life. On the career front, you may have to try several different career paths before you decide on the right one. You hate being disappointed and you would rather be low than face failure. You depend on the love and emotional support from your loved ones as their support is what keeps you going.

    If You Were Born On May 13th

    You tend to stay aloof and have a distant relationship with your family members. As individuals you are not group-oriented. Your opinions do not seem to matter to others. Yet this does not take away your confidence level as you are determined. You know what you want from life and you seem to have a temper with lots of modesty. As an individual you seem to have an extremely innovative mind and you are likely to become a good inventor. On the other hand, you are ambitious and find it easy to express your highly creative ideas.

    If You Were Born On May 14th

    If this is the day you were born, then you hate to have restrictions of any kind. You tend to always take the path that you believe. You hate to compare your success to others, on the other hand, you tend to compete against yourself. On the work front, you will not have a hard time while finding a job as you are multi-talented. Apart from this, you do not care a lot about money and you seem to take a lowly paid job as long as you tend to find it enjoyable.

    If You Were Born On May 15th

    If you are born on this day then you have extraordinary artistic vision and you tend to do great things. You are self-critical and you are often seen to not appreciate their achievements. At times you are too idealistic, critical and stubborn. On the other hand, you are easily prone to stress and this may affect your sleep. It is important that you work towards eliminating stress from your life. Apart from this, you are blessed with numerous talents, which often tends to make it harder for you to choose a particular career profession.

    If You Were Born On May 16th

    If this is your birthdate the you tend to draw inspiration from your physical and emotional surroundings. You have a great need to distill their experience and share it with others through art or some other personal expression. These complicated individuals are torn between the intellectual life they are drawn to and the active life they want to pursue. They don't know the meaning of the word "compromise." No matter how disciplined the eating habits of May 16 people are, they may suffer from a weight problem because of an aversion to exercise. They often lack the discipline to maintain a daily workout regimen. Unless they are motivated, they easily fall back into poor health habits.

    If You Were Born On May 17th

    If you were born on this day, then you have an intelligent personality.You love to be in positions of authority, yet you are not a power seeker. With money, you seem to have an amazing talen of turning small things into substantial earnings. You have a yearning to be loved and understood which is much stronger than what you desire for.

    If You Were Born On May 18th

    If you are born on the 18th you tend to grant yourself a touch of self reliance. You seem to have specific goals and this is something that will not allow you to be diverted. You are concerned about self-improvement and this is something that often counts among your most important achievements in life. You know what you want in a partner and seem to not settle for anything less. You tend to marry later in life. On the other hand, you are also capable of making very quick decisions in life.

    If You Were Born On May 19th

    If this is your birth date, then you are temperamental, lovable and exasperating. You tend to make it impossible for others to be indifferent toward you. You seem to also possess extraordinary creative energy. On the other hand, you are also secretly quite ambitious and like to dream big. Apart from this you are better at caring for people rather than caring for their money.

    If You Were Born On May 20th

    No matter how successful you become, you would never forget your roots and may even draw upon them for inspiration. If you are born on this day, then your main strength of character seems to be displayed in your idealistic responsibility and reliability. On the other hand, you also have the tendency to have nice things that are coupled with your dependability and warm heartedness. Apart from this, you should also be aware of the benefits of showing your emotions.

    If You Were Born On May 21th

    If you are born on this day, you seem to be successful.You are a fabulous communicator who loves to have a good debate and also loves socialising. It is your passion that makes you perfect candidates to run your own business. On the career front, you would be a gifted journalist, translator or even a writer.

    If You Were Born On May 22nd

    If you are born on this day, then your dedication and sense of purpose can make you look like you are an individual who is ruthless. You are always seen looking on ways to push things forward and learn something new. You love plain food, and simple cooked food. You have the creative abilities that may generally not market through a career path.

    If You Were Born On May 23rd

    Individuals who are born on this date have a great charisma. If this is your birth date the you have the ability to draw attention, you seem to be lofty and intellectual at times, while there are days when you are intense. You also have a spiritual side which most people are not aware of. You generally have big plans and making a good living is one of them. Apart from this, you are also generous to your loved ones. You seem to have a carefree attitude, with lots of dedication and the ability to quickly adapt to changeable situations.

    If You Were Born On May 24th

    You are typically charming and playful individual who has a youthful approach to romance. You hate being alone but at the same time, you also feel tied down and need lots of mental stimulation to stay happy, especially in your relationship. On the other hand, you also have an independent personality. You are known for your creative ideas and innovation as well.

    If You Were Born On May 25th

    You are energetic and focused. You seem to enjoy being in life's fast lane. You also are extremely self-sufficient and affectionate. You seem to have a lot of nervous energy, which needs to be either expelled through your exercise. Apart from this, money is not your only success reason, as you tend to choose a career with great effort.

    If You Were Born On May 26th

    If your birthday falls on this day, then you are a person who is very talkative and witty,. You seem to draw a crowd of admirers wherever you go. On the other hand you are adaptable and imaginative. Apart from this, money seems to be very important to you and due to this it makes you work real hard to just get the extra buck. Amidst all this, it is also noticed that you have no intention of settling down too soon.

    If You Were Born On May 27th

    You never let anyone see your true side, not even those individuals who are closest to you. You believe in maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue. As an individual born on this day you seem to find a way to shine. You need to constantly feel stimulated as you tend to get bored very soon by same routines.

    If You Were Born On May 28th

    You love the spotlight and also enjoy an active social life. You like eccentric people who seem to share their interest for good food and smart conversation. You are naturally artistic and seem to prefer a career which exists on the fringes of creativity. As an individual you are not that great with investments. You tend to spend it far too freely and it is also seen that you are generous in the extreme. While the other traits of you are being romantic, sincere and devoted, you seem to deeply care for others and can be easily hurt by emotional betrayal. On the health front, you seem to be very susceptible to respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.

    If You Were Born On May 29th

    If your birthdate falls on this day, then you possess a star quality which others tend to envy. Your stars reveal that you have a complicated nature and are drawn to many different subjects, yet you tend to prefer on learning new things. Apart from this, you also have a goal-orientated approach to life and are usually seen working hard to achieve the things that mean the most to you. On the other hand, you are the type of person who can eat all the wrong things and yet remain slim.

    If You Were Born On May 30th

    You seem to possess charm, intelligence, and wit if you are born on this day. Your gravitate toward risk and sometimes are foolhardy is something that you need to watch for. You are not known for your ability to handle money, even though there are many chances that you can make it easily with different opportunities. You seem to have high ideals yet enough wisdom to know that there are times

    If You Were Born On May 31st

    If your birthday date is on this day then you are said to havev a personality of the most popular kid in the block. Be it your charm, good looks, talent, or temperament, there is always something that can distinguish you from others. You may be casual, and even careless, about health. On the other hand, your sense of personal invincibility allows you to feel secure. Apart from this you tend to take life as it comes and not worry about the consequences.

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    Story first published: Saturday, May 5, 2018, 10:22 [IST]
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