Find Out How The Super Blue Blood Moon Will Affect Your Mood

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Since the time the news about the 'Super Blue Blood Moon' has released, people have been as curious as cats! They wish to learn about what is all that which is going to happen on this day.

From the zodiac impact on all the zodiac signs to various other changes, one wishes to know A-Z about this unique special day.

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And here, we bring to you some of the interesting details on how your mood can get affected on this day.

How Super Blue Blood Moon Affects Mood

Individuals are believed to experience mood swings that can freak you out! So, go ahead and check as to what can happen on this day as per your emotions!

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But before we head to learn about the mood swings, let's find out about the 'Super Blue Blood Moon'.


Why Is It Named The 'Super Blue Blood Moon'?

When the moon appears twice in a month, it is named as a blue moon, while the supermoon is a phenomenon where the moon is the closest to the earth and the blood moon is nothing but the reddish hue, which is something that one will see on the moon when they are watching the lunar eclipse.


It Affects Your Sleeping Pattern

According to researchers, the lunar cycle can have a huge effect on how much sleep you get at night. It is often noticed that sleeping pattern changes during the full moon day. It makes it really hard to fall asleep on the evening of Jan 31st.


This Can Cause You To…

Since the sleep pattern gets disturbed, there are chances of you becoming cranky, and experiencing fatigue and, as a result, you would be looking out for reasons to vent out your anger on the most stupidest of things!


Women's Period Sync With Full Moon

According to a leading report, it is noted that most of the women's periods sync up with the full moon and it is a significant gravitational pull. And with a blue moon occurring in the same month, one can expect to see hormonal shifts double up! So guys need to watch out!


There Would Be A Few Who Would Not Experience Anything At All!

While the super blue blood moon sort of sounds like an unpleasant experience, there are a few individuals out there who would stay composed and maintain their sanity all through the day!


When The Sex Drive Would Boost!

According to researchers, the supermoon might just be seriously boosting your sex drive! Though there is no accurate confirmation on this issue, it is said that all the cosmic energies will boost up your sex drive and make it a prime time to get down and dirty!

So, what do you think will happen to your mood on this day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, January 19, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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