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Do You Know Children’s Day Was Celebrated On The 20th of November In India?

There are so many lesser-known facts about Children's Day that we Indians need to learn about. These facts can leave you shocked as you would realise that you hardly know the history of our country.

Facts like Children's Day celebrations were marked on 20 November 1959 to later being changed to 14th November since 1964.

Check out some more interesting facts about Children's Day and also about Chacha Nehru who was immensely fond of children.


It Was Observed By The United Nations

According to historians, Children's Day was observed on 20 November 1959. The day was celebrated by the United Nations as Universal Children's Day.

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Later The Date Was Changed To 14th November

It was unanimously decided to celebrate Children's Day on 14th November which was the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. The day was marked after his death in 1964. It was a tribute to his love for children.


This Day

On this day, people distribute chocolates and gifts to kids, while schools and colleges organise unique games and different events on this day. Events like debates and music and dance performances are widely organised on this day.


Nehru’s Vision About The Youth Was Different

Nehru's vision was different for the youth as he believed that the children of today will make the India of tomorrow. He played a vital role in the development of youth as he set up "All India Institute of Medical Sciences" also known as AIIMS, and also the "Indian Institute of Technology". Apart from this, he even initiated the establishment of the "Indian Institute of Management". All these institutes are considered to be epitomes of education even on this date.


The Day Is A Tribute To The Man

Even though Nehru was known as a freedom fighter and politician, the legacy of education and development of children that he left behind in the country is worth paying tribute to this selfless man.

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So the next time you celebrate this day, share this knowledge with your fellow mates.

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