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    Stop Storing Condoms In Your Wallet Or Pocket Right NOW

    Most of the times, boys tend to store condoms in the pockets and wallets for a quickie or in case of an unexpected situation. However, how safe do you think it is for you to save a condom in a pocket or a wallet?

    According to researchers, it is proven that carrying a condom in a pocket or a wallet is just equal to wasting a condom unused.

    avoid storing condom in pockets

    Storing condoms in these places is highly unrecommended as there are many chances of the condom getting damaged for various reasons.

    Stop Believing These Condom Myths 

    A broken condom can make an individual more susceptible to STIs and keeping them in pockets can make them more prone to picking up germs as well.

    Couple Who Used Plastic Bag Instead Of Condom! 

    Researchers reveal that heat, moisture, friction and light can affect the quality of condoms and make them less useful. Since wallets or pockets are believed to be too warm for condoms, it can affect the latex with the rising temperature as it can weaken or make the condom less effective and chances of it tearing or swimming increase instantly. You need to store them in cool places.

    Uses Of Condoms That None Of Us Have Thought Of 

    So, let us know if you would carry your condom in your pocket or wallet next time or store it in a cool place.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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