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    Real-life Story Of Emily Rose That Can Give One Nightmares!

    Emily Rose real life 'Scary' story is a MUST WATCH | Boldsky

    If you are a person who loves to read haunted and scary stuff, then this article is perfect for you, as we bring to you the details of one of the scariest real-life stories of Emily Rose and the exorcism she went through her entire life.

    Check out on the details of Emily Rose and what actually happened in her life.

    Story Of Emily Rose That Can Haunt You!

    A movie named "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" was also released. Though the movie was loosely based on a far more sinister story of Emily's life, it did show some of the facts.Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman

    Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman

    Here, we bring in all the details of what are the things that you need to know about her life. Take a look.


    Emily’s Actual Name

    Emily Rose's actual name was "Anneliese Michel". She was born on September 21, 1952, in Klingenberg, Bavaria, in Germany. As a kid, she grew up in a strict Catholic family who believed in borderline cultists.

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    About Her Family

    Her family belonged to the Catholic family who believed in intense elements of the Christian faith. Her family believed that an individual must suffer through life to get rid of their sins.


    Her Family Followed Strict Rules

    In order to get rid of the sins, Emily's entire family slept on the cold hard floors in the winter and, as a result, it did not take much long for Emily to suffer from seizures!

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    Emily Believed

    While Emily slept on the cold floor, she believed that her sacrifice was a penance for all the drug addicts in the world, especially the ones who had lost their faith in life.


    Her First Seizure

    In 1968, when Emily was just 17 years old and was still in high school, she began to suffer from convulsions. A neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Wurzburg who examined her case diagnosed her with Grand Mal epilepsy. It is a condition in which the patient has side effects of hallucinations and mood swings.

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    Her Conditions Only Worsened

    Since her condition did not improve, she was sent to a mental hospital, as her seizures only got worse. This is when she started experiencing devilish hallucinations, where she witnessed demonic faces while praying. Apart from this, she also began to hear voices, which told her that she was damned to hell.


    She Was Put On Anti-psychotic Drugs

    When she confessed to her doctors that she saw demonic faces, the doctors who were treating her did not believe her and they put her on anti-psychotic drugs, which did no good to her and she eventually fell into depression.

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    She Was On The Verge Of Killing Herself

    Being a devout Catholic, she knew that committing suicide was not the option she had, as it was an unforgivable sin. She was stuck in a dilemma where the devils in her mind haunted her, while she found nowhere out.


    Her Treatment Went On For The Next 5 Years!

    The doctors were clueless of her actual condition. Hence, they conducted all medical experiments where they tried all types of medicines on her. Even then the convulsions, demonic faces, etc., continued to haunt her.


    Her Family Decided To Opt For The Church As An Option To Cure Her

    Pastor Ernst Alt was a pastor who diagnosed that Emily as possessed with a demon. He witnessed some of the most bizarre things that she was found doing on the floor of the church.


    At The Church, She Did The Least Expected Things Like…

    Pastor Ernst Alt saw Emily urinate on the floor of the church and eat coal and she spoke in the weirdest of tones that a common person would not!


    The Pastor Believed

    Pastor Ernst Alt believed that the acts of Emily were due to the demonic possession. He believed that the demons were trying to possess her soul, as her body was already under the demonic control.


    The Exorcism Treatment Started…

    To make sure Emily got rid of the demonic possession, the pastor started the ritual named "Rituale Romanum."

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    67 Exorcism Rights Were Performed

    The pastors carried out 67 rites of exorcism over a period of 10 months. All these sessions were recorded for study purpose. It is believed that some of the exorcism sessions that were held each week would even last up to four hours!


    Her Condition Worsened

    Though Emily's condition improved during her treatment, it was short lived, as she started attacking her own family members, bite them and even scratched them as well. She would beat herself or hit herself on the walls if she did not find anybody around her.


    She Could Not Eat!

    As her condition worsened, she could not eat food and claimed demons never allowed her to eat. Her kneecaps broke due to the self-harm that she did. She just wanted to die and even begged to be killed. Her weak condition made her contract pneumonia and fever even while her exorcism processes continued.


    Her Final Exorcism

    Her final exorcism happened on June 30th 1976. She was very weak and yet spoke her last words, where she told the priests to "BEG FOR ABSOLUTION" and whispered to her mum that she was afraid of what was happening. She died soon after the exorcism and medics claim it was due to malnutrition.


    Her Death Created A Buzz All Over The World

    Her parents were sued by the medics who claimed that Emily suffered from a medical condition and was not possessed by any demon. Her parents and the priests were sentenced for 6 months in prison.

    Her story only makes us pity her condition, but her state surely leaves us scared. Well, let us know on what was the last scary thing you had read or heard in the comment section below.

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