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Your Wrist Lines Reveal This!

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Each individual has lines on his/her wrists, which are known as the bracelet lines. They were formally known as Rascette lines as well.

Did you know that these lines can help you analyse your health and even your lifespan?

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Well, they can and here, we are throwing light on this concept of bracelet lines and the deep meanings to it.

Check out if your wrist has these lines and what exactly it means. These lines have more meaning to them and they can describe the health of a person, and they can also reveal any gynaecological problems in women. Read on.


The First Bracelet Line Reveals This...

A deep first line represents good health, while a broken or an unclear one shows recklessness. If a person has only the first unbroken line, then it points towards 23-28 years of lifespan.


The Health Factor Of The First Bracelet Line…

If a woman's first bracelet line seems to be curvy and it points to the base of the palm, or if the line is broken, then the person might suffer from gynaecological issues. In case of men, they tend to suffer from prostate or other reproductive issues.


The Second Bracelet Reveals This…

The second line means that the person would be prosperous and happy in life. According to this line, the life span of the person can be anywhere between 46 and 56 years that is, if a person has the second line, their life expectancy can be 46-56 years..


The Third Bracelet Line...

If a person has the third line, it means that he/she is very influential. It means that the person will have a lifespan of 69 years and will go on as far as a remarkable 84 years of age as well!


The Fourth Bracelet Line Means This…

Existence of this line means that the person will get more support in terms of fame. People having the 4th line are more likely to live as long as 85 years and beyond.

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If There Is Only One Line…

If a person has only one line, then their financial position is said to be not stable. They will have a lot of love attachments, heartaches, sufferings and disappointments all through their life.

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Story first published: Friday, March 17, 2017, 16:26 [IST]
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