Daily Horoscope: 26th November 2017

By Shabana Kachhi
26th November Horoscope | 26 नवम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Astrology is a very powerful science which can predict our future according to our zodiac signs. It lets you know about the important events happening in your life beforehand so that you can prepare for any circumstances.

Your zodiac signs are based on the time of your birth. These zodiac signs are able to dictate your moods, preferences and also your future. The planets which enter your sign may either bring you luck, marriage, property or loss. All can be predicted by studying the alignment of the stars in your zodiac sign.

Here is your daily prediction for November 26th 2017.



People might want to hurt you intentionally today. You will accomplish things today if you do them with courage and trust in yourself. Your superiors will be happy with you. Your friends too will be by your side.



You are advised to take precaution in legal matters. Efforts to resolve issues pending in the court will prove successful today. You are predicted to gain profits through economic means



You might have to lose some of your wealth in the efforts to make a quick buck. Purchase of a new vehicle is foreseen. You will achieve success in your love life.



You are predicted to gain immensely even without working hard for it. However, health issues may crop up. Chances of buying land or property are foreseen.



The unemployed will find employment today. There are also chances of a promotion. Buying of new vehicle, property, home or business is predicted for you today.



Be careful not to interfere in other's business, as the tables may turn on you. The arguments which will arise will start from either your work place or your home and may escalate. You will gain the support of your friends and spouse.



You will chance upon a meeting with a dear friend today, and you will benefit from it. Travel is on the cards and it will be peaceful and successful. Do not invest any money in partnerships.



You will find happiness by involving yourself in domestic matters. You will be in a happy state of mind. You are predicted to carry out important tasks will the help of your spouse. Marital bliss is on the cards.



You will feel dejected for not completing your work on time. Be careful regarding property matters. Take control of your emotions as chances of being misunderstood through someone are high.



You will be appreciated for your contribution in your work field. You will continue to do great work by relaying on your intelligence and inner-strength. Any pending issues will be resolved today.



You are predicted to do good work with the help of your team. Any impending matter will be resolved by meeting top officials. Success in love life is also predicted for you today.



Any work which is pending from a long time will be accomplished today. It is a good day in enter into a new business venture. While travelling, make sure to put your left foot forward. This will ensure the trip turns fruitful for you. A lot of people may not like the way you work and might try to sabotage your plans, but in vein.

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