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    Daily Horoscope : 19th November 2017

    By Shabana Kachhi
    19th November Horoscope | 19 नवम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Our Universe is vast and even expanding. We are just little specks of Carbon that were breathed with life by God.

    We are part of a Solar system where the Sun is our main energy source. All that we eat is just a processed form of Sunshine. Our Solar system also consists of other planets and Stars. Our planet Earth is the only one planet with Life. Another celestial object called Moon circles around our planet.

    The cosmic energies of the heavenly bodies are enormous. Any changes happening in our solar system directly affects our lives. We might never be able to known how or why this happens.

    Ancient people learned how to predict our future by studying the movement of the heavenly bodies. This is called as Astrology. We have the best astrologers on board to predict your future based on your zodiac sign.

    Here is your daily horoscope for November 19th 2017



    You will earn recognition is your social life. Marital bliss is also predicted for you today. There may be a few ups and downs regarding your health. Reciting the mantra- Om Namoh Bhabutey Vaasudevaay will be beneficial for you.



    You will lose some precious time by getting entangled in some issues. Give importance to your Career. Doing any work with honesty will give you rewards. Matters relating to vehicles, land or home will see the light of the day.



    Today will prove to be lucky for students. Chances of moving forward are seen. Business will see profits. Any pending issues will be resolved today.



    A short travel might turn out to be very fruitful for you. Do not take up any work with a risk factor. Take care not to embroil yourself in unimportant issues.



    There will a few changes in your work life today. You are predicted to take up a task which will have the potential to change your life.



    Any matters relating to government will crop up today, but it will also get solved before the day ends. You will be faced with certain important expenditures. Apply tilak of Red vermillion to invite luck.



    Make sure to involve your life partner before taking any important decisions. It is advised to take the blessings of the parents before embarking on a journey. Your child will be the reason for your happiness today.



    Any undesired work will be fulfilled today. Taking things out of context should be avoided, though it is in your nature. Success will find you today. Donating a religious book in a temple will bring in luck.



    There are chances of arguments with your Boss at your place of work today. You might not share the same view as your partner too, which will give rise to arguments. You might lose your importance due to lack of Self-respect.



    Your relationship with near ones might be in trouble waters today, which can be solved if you wish. Chances of gaining wealth are foreseen. Your travels will be fruitful.



    You may get into an argument with someone regarding money. You might have to struggle to find success in certain business and legal matters. A thing which is precious to you might go away from you today.



    You will be in a happy state of mind today. Sudden chances of gaining wealth are foreseen. Your stars are in your favour.

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