The First World Map Was Based On The Mahabharata Verse

To understand the minute details of the Indian literature, there is a lot that one needs to study about. It is quite interesting to note how ancient scriptures linked a few superstitious beliefs to scientific facts.

The Earth's geography has been described in the Mahabharata where it reveals that the entire map of the world was scripted in the Mahabharata verses, centuries back.

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Check out on the theory behind how a world map was created using a rabbit and the sacred peepal tree leaves (ficus religiosa). To find out the details on the hidden map, it has taken over thousands of years to crack the mystery, which is based on the verses given in Mahabharata.


The Discovery…

When one looks at the picture of the Earth, which reflects on the moon, it shows that it looks like as if a rabbit is standing on its legs, trying to catch hold of a big bush in front of it.

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It Is A Claim...

When the map of the earth was analyzed from the moon, then a claim was made. According to researchers, if the current world map is rotated 180 degrees, it looks amazingly similar to what the Mahabharata has said about the Earth's shape as seen from space. It was analyzed in such a way that the entire Mahabharata verses seem to be true.


The Map Was Made Using The Verses...

It is said that thousands of years ago Indian saint Ramanujacharya had simply translated the following verse from the Mahabharata and gave the world its real face. The verses made him analyse the image in detail, following which the drawing was made and the map was created. People laughed at the outcome of the drawing, as it made no sense back then.


The Verses…

The Mahabharata verses which had the hidden details about the current world map: "O son of Kuru's race, I will, however, describe to thee the island called Sudarsana. This island, O king, is circular and of the form of a wheel. It is covered with rivers and other pieces of water and with mountains looking like masses of clouds, and with cities and many delightful provinces. It is also full of trees furnished with flowers and fruits, and with crops of diverse kinds and other wealth. And it is surrounded on all sides with the salt ocean. As a person can see his own face in a mirror, even so is the island called Sudarsana seen in the lunar disc. Two of its parts seem to be a peepul tree, while two others look like a large hare. It is surrounded on all sides with an assemblage of every kind of deciduous plants. Besides these portions, the rest is all water."


Do You Believe In The Analysis?

If you don't believe us, then all you need to do is turn the above picture upside down and you will know what we are talking about!

Isn't it amazing? Wish to read more such interesting facts? Then let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 6:15 [IST]
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