What Exactly Does The Shape Of Your Toes Reveal

When you look at a person's toes, there are a lot of things that can provide you details on the personality of the person.

You might be very surprised to learn that ones' foot and toe shape can tell you something about their personality.

This is a fun way to know about the personality. Our physical and facial features really can tell a lot about us. Intrigued?

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Well, to know what your personality is like, check the shape of your toes and read below to know your personality type.


The Flame Foot!

It is also known as the 'Fire Foot' or the 'Greek Foot'. In this type of a toe shape, the standout feature is the longer second toe than the rest of the toes. It denotes the person to be active, sporty and creative. They are generally enthusiastic about new ideas and other people. They are also known to be great motivators. Apart from this, they can also be very impulsive, which can sometimes lead to excessive stress.

The Roman Foot!

This is the most common type of foot. The toes are said to be proportionate and they are also all straight, with the big toe being the largest in size. People who have this type of a foot tend to be very outgoing and sociable. They also tend to be very charismatic, so they make great public speakers and business people.

The Square Foot!

This refers to a foot shape where the length of the toes, that includes the first or big toe, are almost the same, which depicts a rectangular shape. It can also be called 'Peasant Foot'. Apparently, the people who have a foot that is shaped this way are likely to ponder and relentlessly examine each and every decision carefully. They are usually very practical and reliable as well.

The Tapering Foot!

These type of feet are said to have a rather thin appearance. This is due to the fact that the toes are squished together. The big toe is generally the largest of all the toes and then the size tapers with each toe. People who have this type of feet tend to value privacy while also being secretive. They can also be impulsive and have sudden mood changes.

The Narrow Base Of Second Toe!

The base of the second toe is narrow when compared to the first toe, in which case the person is most likely to be expressive. They love to make things bigger than what exactly it is, as they like to blow things far out of proportion. When these people are in a good mood, they tend to radiate; and everyone else can feel the joy. But on the other hand, when they are in a bad mood, however, they are best left alone!

When Little Toe Refuses To Separate!

It is said that people who are unable to separate their little toe tend to prefer routine and structure in order to have a sense of security. These type of people are very reliable and loyal. They are also great companions.

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When The Little Toe Separates Itself

These people show a need for a change in their lives. Since their routine structure of life makes them unhappy, it leads them to being very adventurous. It is said that these people are also easily bored, so they can sometimes liven up the mood by doing something drastic.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 10:44 [IST]
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