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    Real-life Stories: Children Who Were Grown By Animals!

    When you think of Mowgli, from the Jungle book, it is fascinating to imagine how the little boy grows up amidst wild animals and assume that this can happen only in fantasy!

    But do you know that there are a few cases of human kids who have been raised by the wild animals in REAL?

    Here, we bring to you the real-life cases of kids who were raised by wild animals in real.

    Check it out...


    Kid Who Grew Up Amidst Monkeys!

    In the year 1954, a four-year-old girl named Marina Chapman was kidnapped and thrown in the jungles of Colombia. She later grew up among monkeys and ate berries, roots and bananas. She even slept on the branches of trees and walked around leaning on her hands and feet just like the monkeys.

    She lived here for about five years until she was rescued by hunters. She recovered her speaking skills and after a few years, she even described the story of her life in the book named "A Girl Without a Name".


    The Boy Who Was Raised By A Chimpanzee

    Bello was just six months old when he was abandoned by his parents. He was picked up by a chimpanzee. Apparently, the boy had physical deformities with a curved right shoulder, hollow thorax and even a deformed forehead. The boy was discovered about two years later.

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    The Boy Who Was Dragged Out Of A Wolf Hole!

    A boy named ‘Dina Sanichar' was dragged out of the wolf hole in 1867. He was about 6 years old then. He was found in the forest of Bulandshahr, India. In the initial days of his recovery, he behaved like a wild animal. He tore clothes, ate food from the ground and ran briskly on all fours.

    He even ate raw meat! But the care-takers could not teach him how to speak even after years of his rescue. Throughout his life, all that he has learned is to stand upright and get dressed with great difficulty.


    Another Boy Who Was Raised By The Wolves!

    Another Indian boy named Rama was five years old when he was discovered in the forest and also raised by wolves. Apparently, he had sharpened teeth, long nails like claws, and calloused elbows, knees and palms. After he was rescued, he still loved hunting for domestic chickens. But unlike Dina Sanichar, he learned to swim and even to dress independently under the supervision of nurses, but unfortunately even he could not speak.


    Another Kid Who Was Raised By Monkeys

    John Szebunya lived in the African jungle for three years. Apparently, he ended up in the jungle after his parents were killed during the riots in Uganda. He was adopted by monkeys and raised by them. He ate fruits, berries and nuts until he was saved by the villagers. During his recovery phase, little John was placed in a shelter, where he learned to speak, and then even began to sing in a children's choir as well.


    The Boy Who Lived With Wild Dogs!

    Traian Caldarar is the Romanian Dog Boy. When he was rescued, he was hardly alive, and he suffered from malnutrition, rickets and broken blood circulation. Apparently, he was found near the corpse of a dog which he was feeding on. When he was hungry, he would become aggressive and even growl. He also preferred to sleep under the bed initially, but after two months of his rescue, he showed the first signs of socialisation, yet he could not speak much, except a few words.

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    The ‘Mowgli Girl’

    An 8-year-old was discovered in a jungle. She was named as ‘Ehsaas' or better known as the "Mowgli Girl." She grew up with monkeys in the Indian reserve of Katarniaghat. She walked like a monkey and did not talk to anybody. She ate from the ground with her mouth and did not use her hands. Even though she is recovering, she still stubbornly continues to move around on her four limbs.

    Wish to read more such interesting stories? Then, stay hooked to our section for more such updates.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 18, 2017, 17:45 [IST]
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