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Weirdest Ways How People Found Out They Have Cancer

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Staying healthy and living a long life is a dream of every single person. However, sometimes, the dreams are shattered and reality check takes place at a very late stage.

There are many diseases out there, which we are not aware of, unless it has done the maximum damage. These diseases are something that have been present in the individual's body but when it has done enough damage to the body, it surfaces up.

In this article, we are here to share some of the weirdest ways on how people have found out that they have cancer.

These are the cases of people who have been totally unaware of the fact that they have cancer. Most of these revelations have happened accidentally. So, find out more about these interesting and weirdest ways of how people found out that they have cancer.

The Dog That Saved Her Owner's Life
Maureen Burns from England has a mix-breed dog named Max. She realised something was wrong when Max started acting strangely. The dog would regularly smell Burns breathe and nudge with her right breast. This went on for a few days. Burns decided to get a health check-up done and to her shock, doctors revealed that she had a lump in her breast and it was malignant. She's had surgery to remove it, followed by a radiation treatment.

This TV Host Found Out He Had Cancer When A Viewer Pointed It
Thanks to the eagle-eyed viewer named Ryan Read who was a certified nurse who spotted a lump on El Moussa's neck during an episode. She e-mailed the production house about the lump she found in Tarek El Moussa's neck. When he went through the examination, it was found that Tarek had thyroid cancer. He's now in remission.

Mom Discovered Cancer In Her Son's Eye
This mother realised that one of her son's pupils was entirely white when she clicked a picture of his. She got it checked and doctor's confirmed that the 2-year old boy's eye was covered upto 75% in tumours and it had to be removed. Luckily, she had noticed it on time before the infection had spread.

This Man Who Was Attacked By A Shark
Seldom does a shark save a human, but in this case, it did. A man named Eugene Finney was attacked by a shark and when he was hospitalised for his wounds, doctors found a cancerous tumour on one of his kidneys. He had got it removed and is hale and healthy now.

The Funny Man Who Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumour

Andrew Llewellyn was known for being the center of a conversation with his amusing stories and wisecracks. He realised that he has not been able to crack jokes, as he would lose the link and forget often. He decided to get a checkup done; and for his surprise he found that he had an egg-sized tumour and a cyst that was pressing on the part of the brain that was used for speech. Now, he is back to his razor-sharp self.
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