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Near-Death Experience Stories Of Famous Celebrities

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Death is something that we all will face some day. Sometimes, we get to hear stories of people who have cheated death. This game of cheating death happens when you are really lucky.

Here, in this article, we've shared information on some of the near-death experiences of a few famous celebrities. These are the famous celebrities who have cheated death in the most luckiest way.

The near-death experiences of these celebrities only make us realise that these celebrities are also just as mortal as we are, and hence we need to remember this fact.

Therefore, read on to find out more about these famous celebrities who have been really lucky and we're sure some of these guys are even your favourite ones, reading about whom will make you thank your God for safeguarding their lives!

Find out more about these interesting celebrities and their near-death experiences.


Chevy Chase

He was playing a role in a famous movie in which his character required him to be that of an air-traffic controller. During the shoot, he was electrocuted and he screamed out loud for rescue, but the staff thought that he was just fooling around. After a while, when they removed him, he developed telekinetic powers due to the exposure to radioactive soap suds.


Gary Busey

He is one of Hollywood's bad boys who always had a personal life that has been a lot of ups and downs. He had just picked up his freshly repaired bike from a shop when he was hit by a bus and his head cracked, leaving him into coma for over a month. He recovered from it slowly.


Elizabeth Taylor

She was one of the most revered starlets of her time, but her life was cut short in the 1950's when she'd almost died on an operating table. Later, she was revived after 5 minutes. She claimed that she met her dead husband in this span. Creepy isn't it?


Sharon Stone

She has been one of the most beautiful actresses. She had a sudden brain haemorrhage that left her bleeding internally. She took quite some time to recover from it and we are just glad that she is back!


Elvis Presley

After his untimely death at the age of 42, there were numerous reports which alleged that there were various sightings of him. This resulted in a long-standing theory which his fans believed that he faked his death to have a peaceful retired life. Hope it was not just a belief though.


Jane Seymour

She had an allergic reaction to penicillin that was administered to her in the sequence of a severe case of flu. She realised that she needed to live for the sake of her kids, as she wanted to bring them up.

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