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How Is India Leading The World

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When it is about a country's pride, we all tend to be really proud of it. There are so many things around us that make us really happy and proud about our mother land, India.

In this article, we are here to share some of the ways in which India is leading the world. These are the things that make us express our pride moments to other nationalities.

Find out about the most important things that have made an impact on the world scenario and they have been done right here in India.

From becoming the first nation in the world to successfully launch and complete the Mars orbiter Mission known as Mangalyaan to various other things, we are constantly proving ourselves to be one among the most hard-working people in the world.

So, read on to know more about these interesting things that have been done in India.



This is something that every Indian will be proud of relating to. India was the FIRST country in the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also known as Mangalyaan to successfully launch into Mars orbit in its very first attempt.


Tobacco Warnings

India is the first country that has warnings about the ill-effects of smoking on their cigarette packs. There is a notice possessing that no less than 85% of the front and back of the pack covers have the warning effects of smoking.


Reading Habits

Did you know that India breeds the greatest bookworms in the world? We Indians just love reading after all!


Agricultural Products

Did you know that India is the biggest producer of millet, cotton, different fruits, pulses, beans, ginger, cumin, chili pepper and turmeric. WHAO, that is quite a lot!


Post Offices

Do you realise that even in this technological-based world, in which "E-mails and SMS's" have taken over, India still leads in the postal department!


Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange located in Mumbai is Asia's fastest stock exchange median, where the trade occurs within 6 microseconds. This building is around 137 years old, in which over 5000 companies are listed in this. Isn't this something that you should be proud of!



This is one of the biggest film industries present in the world, which is over 100 years old, and it releases a minimum of 1,600 movies every single year.

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