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Harsh Realities Of Dating A Workaholic

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We live in a highly competitive world when it comes to having a good successful career and a stable life.

Many of us are career-oriented and are quite ambitious about reaching our goals. To achieve this, we usually forget about many other aspects that revolve around us.

Sometimes, we are so lost in our jobs that we forget about the boundaries between work life and personal life.

In such cases, dating a workaholic can be very frustrating, overwhelming, or even a hair-pulling experience. All one needs is a bit of patience to handle them.

When it comes to handling our personal relationships, everything else should take a back seat. Lucky are those who are understood by their partners about this nuisance nature.

Hence, you need to be aware of the harsh realities of dating a workaholic. If your partner is of the same category then this article is just for you! In this article, we are here to share some of the harsh realities of dating a workaholic. Read on.

It Is Always A 3-way Relationship
Remember that this is always a 3-way relationship with him, you and his phone! You can always see them checking their phones for mails, drafts and updates. If they are not busy with their phones, it would be their favourite laptop that they would be glued to. In such cases, try and talk to them and ask them to spend time with you, minus all these things, as your relationship is also important.

It Is Always A 3-way Relationship
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Plans Are Always Rescheduled
They would always end-up canceling the plans at the last moment and expect you to understand about the last minute client demands. To make sure that they do not miss out on cancelling the plans, you must come up with some unique punishments like going on a shopping spree with them or that they got to buy you an expensive gift.

You Take The Initiative Every Time
This is the most annoying one! You plan for a special dinner all the time and they come along with their office junk on a romantic date. What can be more annoying than that constant ringing of the phone between your talks. Arrgggg! So, make sure they take some initiative in planning a date as well.

You Take The Initiative Every Time
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Love Texts Take A Backseat
Expecting a text from your partner asking if you had your meal can be so pleasing, right? But, this is not the scene with workaholic partners. They are so occupied with their work that they even forget to answer your call back. This does not mean that you should start doubting about yourself. Instead, understand the passion that they have for their work.

Do Not Touch Tag
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The "Do Not Touch" Tag
If you're living in with your workaholic partner, please make sure not to reorganise their stuff, we mean, NEVER! Also, when on a date, keep your hands off his work property like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc, as these stuff always come with a "do not touch" tag.

If you have any suggestions, so share with us in the comment section below.

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