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Do You Miss These Funny Little Things?

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Sit back and refresh your memories by reading this article, where we are going to discuss about why our school days were the best days of our lives.

When we were little, all we wanted was to grow up and enjoy our life and party hard. A little did we realise about the responsibilities and changes that would come up our way. Growing up with those sweet memories can only be cherished and make us wish that we still had some more time to grow up as children.

The nostalgic feeling we get when we think about our time spent in our childhood makes us a bit emotional and we still end up smiling thinking of these memories. Despite the beauty of enjoying the innocence life, we also had a few dark memories associated too. Though we cannot go back in time, we sure can refresh our memories about those golden days!

In this article, we are here to share some of the reasons as to why our school days were the best.


Skipping Umbrellas

Not taking umbrellas and going to school without it, so that you can get soaked in the rain, was one sure enjoyable thing to do. Nothing made us more happy than tapping our feet in the roadside water pools.


Getting Punished

Talking in class or eating something, so that the teacher kicks us out of the class again was one trick that most of tried doing. We would make sure our friend is equally blamed, so that we could enjoy standing outside and talking to our besties.


Finishing Lunch Early To Play

Gulping down our lunch early, so that we could play for those little minutes left in the lunch break was also one good memory to cherish. If not play, you would be strolling all over the campus. Doing nothing was also fun during those days.


Bunk Classes

The day you have not done your homework or feel that you need to stay at home, you would tend to pretend to be sick. Gosh, bunking school was so much fun!


Punishment Of Sitting As Boy-Girl

This was to make us feel embarrassed, but instead we all have had our share of fun with our whispers and talks between the classes with whom so ever we were sitting next to, as all were good friends.


Playing Games With A Poker Face

Scribbling on our friends book while looking at the teacher and playing the most famous game "Name, place, animal, thing" made us feel so happy. This is one of the reasons why school days were the best days of our lives.


Surprise Test Terror!

Nothing scared us more than a surprise test. When the teacher gives a surprise test, you'd see the entire class unite together and give lame excuses to avoid it.


Bidding Goodbye At Farewell

Though we knew that it was time to have a new beginning with new friends and teachers, we definitely cried at these moments of life. No matter how much we crib about school, we for sure miss them like crazy.

If you have any memorable things to share with us from your school days, please do so in the comment section below.

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