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Dirtiest Places In A Hotel Room

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With the holiday season coming in, most of us are heading towards destinations that have been on our list for the entire year. With the long weekends, it makes it a perfect reason to take a break from your daily routine.

When we check-in at hotels, the first thing that we give importance to is the bathroom, and think that once it is clean and hygienic everything else is in its place. But, we often ignore the actual dirtiest places that can be found in a hotel room.

Picking up a hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes are a must while you travel, as you can be prone to many infections. You need to change certain habits that you have been following at your home. Clean your hands properly before you eat anything and it is a must!

In this article, we are here to share some of the most dirtiest places in a hotel room that you need to look out for, as it can even contain infectious bacteria around such as E. coli.

Television Remotes
This is one of the most infected objects in the room. Studies reveal that they have even found faecal contamination on the remotes! It can cause severe bacterial infections as well. Hence, make sure you clean your hands even before you touch the remote.

Tv Remotes
Photo Credit: shaunthesheep

Light Switches
Switches are the most infected and contaminated surfaces in a hotel room. Aerobacteric and faecal bacteria are the most common germs found in these switches. So, next time you switch on the light, make sure you cleanse your hands.

Light Switches
Photo Credit: arielvictor

Drinking Glasses
Some of the hidden camera investigations have revealed shocking revelations of most of the office staff technique of cleaning glasses. One of the most common ways of cleaning glasses was done by using the same cloth that has been used to clean the surfaces of the room. We're sure you gonna think twice before drinking from these glasses the next time.

Drinking Glasses
Photo Credit: Giphy

Bed Linens
In most of the cases, the bed linen is not changed as often as the bed spread is. This leaves you prone to infections of bodily fluids, skin, blood stains and hair of the previous guests. So, make sure they clean and put a new one when you check-in to the hotel room.

Bed Linens

Telephone Keypad
This is one of the most common infected areas found in a hotel room. The first thing that you generally do when you enter the room is to call in the room service. We often forget to wash our hands after using the hotel room. This could make you more prone to infections.

These are few of the most infected spots in a hotel room. If you have any suggestions, do share them with us in the comment section below.

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