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Famous Feminist Guys Who Are Celebrities!


Today, with so many things happening around the world, we come across a number of men who are turning into feminists. When you are a feminist guy it gives you a sort of honour and pride amongst the ladies. Women love to see a feminist type of guy and being friends with them gives one a sort of thrill. Being a feminist is nothing bad and there is nothing ugly about it too. Through the centuries we have come across a lot of famous feminist guys who have paved the way in understanding women for who they are. Over the years, some of the famous feminist guys who have changed the way we women and men think is one such man Raja RamMohan Roy. This brave famous feminist man fought against Sati and the whole idea against women self emulating themselves.

Today, we have a couple of famous feminist men who have stood by us women through everything we have faced in this harsh world. More than actions, their words are greatly spoken of when it comes to women and protection. For those of you who think that men who are feminists are those who dislike the male gender are wrong. Some of these famous feminist guys believe that being a feminist is an honour more than a negative tag of what people believe of them.

These Famous feminist guys want equality in all genders and they surely do not think that all men are evil! Take a look at some of the 21st century, most famous feminist guys:


Daniel Craig

The bond hero, Daniel Craig is one of the famous feminist guys who believe that all genders should be treated alike and with respect.


Pierce Brosnon

The former Bond hero who became a feminist after his daughter made him realised how important it is for women in the society to gain equality. Pierce has been a part of women rights, and has campaigned in a lot of there activities related to women as well.


Matt Damon

The famous actor Matt Damon is one of those famous feminist guys who believes in raising his four daughters to be strong willed women. Being a famous feminist celebrity, Matt is an inspiration to his girls.


Jamie Foxx

Raised by his grandmother, Jamie believes that women are much more powerful and strong willed when compared to men. Being a feminist, Jamie wants to inspire his daughter to the maximum.


Justin Timberlake

He was a part of the huge women rights campaign, 'Real men don't buy girls'! This famous feminist actor is a part of multiple campaign where he stands ground to stop human trafficking and sex slavery.


Ryan Gosling

The actor, believes in choosing films which have strong female characters in it. Ryan who draws his inspiration from his sister and best friend, believes that women should be given an extra credit for being awesome beings.


Prince Harry

The royal blood Prince Harry who is an advocate believes that it is the real men who are feminist like himself. It is these men who treat women with dignity!


Ashton Kutcher

This celebrity believes in encouraging women. The feminist actor believes that women should show what they are made of, rather than being a commodity for sexual pleasure all the time.


Barack Obama

Even the President of The United States Of America is a feminist! He is a strong advocate for women and a defender on the issues which are important to women.


David Schwimmer

This is another feminist actor who has been an influence of women in the 21st century. David draws his feminist characteristics from his past and present love life who have been raped and sexually abused.

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