Whitney Houstons's 'Bodyguard' Belongings Auctioned

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She has gone into the earth just 4 days back but she is already worth millions! Whitney Houston dead is going to be richer than the thinking breathing person when she was alive. After the sad demise of the pop queen last week, Whitney Houston's Bodyguard collectibles are set to get auctioned next month.

What Is On Auction?
Whitney Houston wore a black velvet dress in this movie. It is skirted to about floor length and belted fashionably with what looks like a diamond belt. The same pattern of square diamonds in repeated in on the collar or where the collar should have been; it makes a loose double loop here and gives the dress a vintage look.

Also on auction is the jewellery that was worn by Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard. The drop down faux-pearl earrings of the late Whitney Houston. Even the vest she wore under her dress will also be part of the auction.

Whitney Into Hollywood Legends?
Famous from the Hollywood Legend's collectibles fame, Darren Julien is the auctioneer for these priceless items. Whitney Houston's special belongings will be part of a special series called Hollywood Legends. This series includes many more such items of posthumous fame. For example, the most famous sale of this Legend's series celebrity auction is the sale of Charlie Chaplin's cane and also others like Clarke Gable's jacket that he had worn in 'Gone With The Wind'. Usually a 'collectible' or 'item' becomes a part of this series only after the famous personality associated with it dies.

How Much Is Dead Whitney Houston Worth?
The famous black velvet dress in itself is worth $1,000 but sentiments cost money and they are raw right now in context of Whitney Houston's recent tragic death. People will pay through their nose to own a part of this tragic history of a disturbed celebrity life. The pearl earring would have ideally been $600 but needless to say they will fetch multiples of that amount. The vest (that too is on auction) should have been around $400 on the stores. Any guesses on how much it will be worth now?

The irony of this whole situation is that most of us suspect that Whitney Houston ended her life (intentionally or accidentally that is not clear) because she was going bankrupt. She had whiled away a fortune on drug addiction and died of an overdose of pills. But now her death is worth a fortune when she is dead and gone.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 10:43 [IST]
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