Awesome Sri Lankan Foods To Try This T20

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The T20 World Cup that is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka this 2012, is an event that people of the whole world are waiting for. If you are an ardent fan of cricket and travelling to Sri Lanka for the same purpose then there are some things that you must try on. Whenever a person,goes to an outdoor location, there are two things that they always love to do. One is shopping and the other is trying the most popular foods of that place. Here we will mention some of the most popular foods of Sri Lanka that you might have.

Sri Lankan Foods

Jack Fruit Curry- Now this is one of the most popular curries in Sri Lanka. This is made of raw jackfruit and is extremely spicy. In fact this is made in a way meat is made. Its delicious flavours and amazing taste make it a must have if you will be in Sri Lanka to watch the T20 World Cup.

Hoppers- Hoppers are made from a fermented batter of rice flour, coconut milk and a dash of yeast. It is cooked in a spherical wok like pan. It is generally served with a mix of red onion and spices. This dish is also called appa in the native language. There are many varieties of hopper that can be found in the country. Among them are egg, milk and some other sweeter varieties.

Kottu- It is another most popular Sri Lankan foods that is a must try this T20 World Cup. It is a simple recipe that is made out of the shredded parantha (Sri Lankan bread). There are many types of kottu that you can try. You can go with an egg and vegetables kottu, cheese, meat or fish kottu. It is then fried with a lot of spices and vegetables.

Fish Curry- How can it be that we are talking about the best foods to be had in T20 World Cup in an island country like Sri Lanka, and not have fish in the list. This is again one of the best curries to be had in T20 World Cup. You can either go hot with chilli fish gravy, sour gravy or sweet and sour gravy.

Mallung- Mallung is a very yummy and popular Sri Lankan food that is made with shredded green vegetables, dried shrimps, grated coconut and spices. This is an extremely tasty dish that falls among the must haves in the continent.

Try all these foods in this amazing island country and make your journey a successful one.

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