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Most Controversial Paintings In The World

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Artists are known for their paintings. Painting is an art that is used to symbolize or depict a time or situation. Artists explain their views and opinions through their paintings. While many famous paintings of artists have made us fall in love with them, there are few artists who have stroked it wrong. Here is a list of few controversial paintings that have been highly criticised.

Most controversial paintings in the world:

Most Controversial Paintings

M F Hussain: Maqbool Fida Hussain or the 'Picasso of India' has been well known for his controversial paintings. From painting Gods till actresses, this painter has always been in news for his strokes. He used Hindu deities and portrayed them without clothes thus creating controversies. Few examples of M F Hussain's controversial paintings are naked Goddess Lakshmi on Ganesha's head, naked Goddess Saraswati, Naked Draupadi, naked Lord Hanuman and Sita on the Lap of Ravana etc. these paintings have been critically commented by the Hindu society. Several cases were filed against him for hurting the sentiments of the Hindus and religion.

Balthasar Klossowski de Rola: The Guitar lesson by Balthasar Klossowski de Rola is one of the most controversial paintings in the world. De Rola was inspired by the works of Picasso and showed erotic themes involving young women and girls. The Guitar Season shows eroticism between a woman and young girl in a dirty position. The woman was holding a naked girl on her lap like a guitar and her hands were on the private regions of the young girl.

John Singer Sargent: Madame X is one of the controversial paintings in the world. Madame X was an American expatriate who tied the knot with a French banker. Madame X was known for her beauty and was very proud of it. John Singer painted the beautiful model for study, but was criticised for his work. This was because Madame X was clearly identifiable and the provocative appeal of her black dress and poise was unacceptable. Also the hanging strap of her black gown was critically criticised. Under public pressure, John re-painted the shoulder area to bring up the strap but the humiliation made him leave Pairs forever.

Pablo Picasso: The extra-ordinary work of this famous painter has been seen through his classic paintings. However, the painter created a rage by stroking a controversial painting. Les Demoiselles d'avignon painting became one of the most controversial paintings in the world. Picasso showed five naked prostitutes in different positions and styles. Sharpness in the bodies and the weird face shapes of this painting was highly criticised. The savage appearances of the woman in Les Demoiselles d'avignon made it look immoral.

These are few most controversial painting in the world. Do you know any other paintings?

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