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6 Unbelievable Things Made In China

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Our friendly neighbour, the Chinese have given us more than we care to admit. Ever-since the days of the ancient Chinese emperors, China is an expert in mass producing things. The Indian market is flooded with affordable things that are 'made in China'. Be it electronics, clothes or toys, if its cheap it is Chinese.

Usually, we have a perception that things made in China are low in quality and price. However, some of the Chinese things have actually undergone the test of time. In fact, there are some really bizarre things that you would never believe came from China. Here are some of the most unbelievable things that are originally made in China.

Made In China

1. Sugar: Let us begin with some historical stuff. Did you know that the crystallized sugar that we so commonly use today is a Chinese innovation. IndianS usually used jaggery or gur to sweeten their foods. And then the British brought 'Chini' (meaning Chinese in Hindi) or sugar from China.

2. Tea: Indians never had tea, they had buttermilk or other types of beverages. Tea was originally brewed in China. We have only added the milk and the spices to make it 'masala chai'. And now the whole country can't do with tea.

3. Chinese Paintings: Even before the time when printing started, the Chinese used to mass produce paintings of parchment paper. There used to be factory of artists who would break down a painting into an assemble line and produce thousands of copies in a day.

4. Chinese Ink: The fact that you can write on paper with ink is also beacuse of the Chinese. We all know that parchment paper is a Chinese thing. But did you know that ink too was invented in ancient China. That is why Chinese ink is so famous!

5. Noodles: Where would we be without Chinese food? Noodles have become such a common fast food in the entire world that we have almost forgotten where it came from. Noodles too is first and foremost dish of Chinese cuisine. We have now adapted it according to our taste.

6. Toothbrush: Now that you think that all the surprises are over, here comes the most bizarre thing to shock you. The concept of toothbrush too is Chinese! A Chinese emperor made what can be called the first modern toothbrush way back in the 1400s. It was made with the hair of pigs and had a bone handle.

So, now you should not be shocked to know that most of the things around us seems to be made in China. After all history stands witness to the fact that China has given the world a great many things!

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Story first published: Friday, October 26, 2012, 13:14 [IST]
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