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Celebrities With Secret Disorders

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Your favourite celebrities may have disorders that you are not even aware of. It is a common thing for celebrities to keep secrets, especially when it comes to their disabilities and diseases. Some of this disorders of celebrities are also side effects of leading a high pressure public life. Eating disorders and psychological problems are the commonest secrets that celebrities keep.

Here are some of the famous celebrities and the disorders that they struggled with.

Celebrities With Secret Disorders:

Vivian Leigh: She is the iconic heroine Scarlett O'Hara from the movie 'Gone With The Wind'. Although we remember her for playing a character that was strong and determined, Leigh suffered from emotional insecurity and low self esteem. This yesteryears actress battled severe Bi-Polar disorders for most of her life

Jane Fonda: When you look at how fit Jane Fonda look in her 50s you probably wouldn't guess that she suffered from a combination of the eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia for most of her life. She suffered silently for almost 30 years before she admitted it to the media. That shows how far celebrities can go to keep their biological disorders a secret.

Princess Diana: The late Princess famously suffered from bulimia. This is a eating disorder that makes you binge on food and then puke it out. The Princess was addicted to dieting and lived under the constant fear of putting on weight ever since she came into the limelight.

Kate Winslet: When we see a slim and trim Kate Winslet now, we wonder that was this the same star who sues a magazine for photo-shopping her her pictures. Kate Winslet had proclaimed that she did not want to be 'skinny'. She came from a family of big eater (her uncle was chef and her mother an excellent cook) and struggled with her weight all her life. Recently she went on a diet and got addicted to losing weight.

Oprah Winfrey: The ever benevolent Oprah did not admit to any specific eating disorder but said that food was sometimes 'comforting'. This coupled with her weight issues may give you the impression that she is a compulsive eater.

Tom Cruise: Many people know that Mr Mission Impossible was bullied at school and suffered from child abuse. However, few people know that the cause of both was his learning disorder, dyslexia. He changed 15 schools as his condition went undiagnosed for 12 years.

These are some of the famous celebrities with disorders that they have kept secret. Do you know any more secrets about celebrities?

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