Top 5 Richest Rock Bands In History!

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The top rock bands whose tunes you still jam to did have a fair note of 'financial' success as well. Money follows fame in the world of music and so the most famous rock bands of all time have made it to the richest bands list here. How do these bands make their money, record labels, albums and most of all live performances because that is a measure of their popularity.

Here is the top earning rock bands of all time who still remain the richest because of royalties. Once rich, forever rich!

5 Top Earning Rock Bands In History:

1. U2: When they sang 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' the whole world cried with them. Even the perpetrators of this heinous massacre in Dublin, Ireland hummed along with chart buster. This Irish rock band is famous beyond measure with the young crowd. The best part is that they are still active and thus the money from the new releases is still streaming in! It helps to have the heartthrob of the 80s Bono on the guitar and as the lead singer of the band.
Earning: $154.2 million per year

2. Rolling Stones: Old is gold and we mean that literally. Rollings stones, also called The Stones earlier is one of those quintessential rock bands of the Hippie era. They brought on revolution in rock music in the 70s and are still counting the cash. They haven't released an album in a while but they are still second on the list.
Earnings: $92.5 million

3. Eagles: This is not only one of the top rock bands of all times but also the veterans in the rock hall of fame. Unlike the Rolling Stones and of course, The Beatles, this was an all American band that made it really big. They were the true Baby Boomers from the generation that came after Second World War. They make a handsome $70 million the tour of a region, no wonder they are some of the richest rock bands in the world!
Earnings: $63.2 million

4. The Beatles: This is the only band mentioned in this list that has a 'the' in front of their name. That is because it is the boy band that started all boy bands and made it a trend. 4 working class boys from Yorkshire made the world dance to their tunes all along. You might have expected Beatles to be the richest band in the world but they disbanded way back in 1970 and the royalties got divided.
Earnings: $56 million (just for Sir Paul McCartney)

5. Elton John: Easily one of the richest musicians alive. He may be an old man but he is still alive and kicking. Other than his music he is famous for being one of the first celebrities to 'come out' with his sexual orientation. This band formed in 1970 is still known by his name and producing records (last album 2003).
Earnings: $48.9 million

These were the top earning rock bands in history.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 8, 2011, 15:59 [IST]
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