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Top 5 Expensive Bourbon Whisky

Expensive whisky is a matter of taste and class. It is not for 'gulp it down' amateurs. That is why it takes a real connoisseur to know the difference between a scotch and a bourbon whisky. Although scotch is traditionally seen as the more expensive of whiskies, bourbon drinkers need not be disappointed. There are many distilleries making the best bourbon whisky, most of them in Kentucky United States.


Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive whisky that belong in the cellars of tasteful bourbon drinkers.

Top 5 Most Expensive Bourbon Whisky:

1. Glen Garioch, 1958, 46 Years Old:Talk about highland whisky and this will be the first name on your list. Hailing from the northern part of Scotland this is a rare variety of bourbon whisky. This bourbon whiskey brand released just over 350 bottles into the market a few years back and that explains the price and the demand for it. It is basically a woody flavoured whisky with interestingly mild floral overtones.

Price: $2,600

2. A. H. Hirsch Reserve 16 Years Old:Prepared in the old school method of distillation in Kentucky this series may just be the last surviving trace of what we call typical Kentucky whisky. It is prepared by the pot still method used traditionally in Kentucky and surely one of the best bourbon whisky produced in the world.


Price: $300

3. Evan Williams 23 Year Old Bourbon:This expensive whisky is from the bourbon paradise of Kentucky in USA. It has everything that a classic bourbon whisky brand should have, chocolate and raisins in abundance, caramel and vanilla packing a punch along with that rare smoothness in the blend. If you are looking for a good solid whisky that will give you the correct idea about how a bourbon should taste then go for this one.

Price $200

4. Midleton Very Rare:Ireland makes its mark in world of bourbons with this unique whiskey. It is a very rare kind of whisky because it is blended not from different casks or flavours but from different number of years. All the best bourbon whisky used are between 12 to 25 years old and very single bottle in the has different proportion of years blended together. That is why no two bottles taste the same. Follow the numbers on the bottle carefully because they stand for the exact combination of years.

Price: $139

5. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whisky:Strictly speaking this is not bourbon whisky at all but it is here on this list because it is popularly known as a bourbon and also because there is a very thin line of difference between a Tennessee whisky that this one is and a bourbon. It has the 51% corn and more than 2 years of maturing time just like all other bourbons but it is charcoal distillate unlike them.

Price: $42

These were the top expensive whisky from the bourbon category for whisky lovers.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 16:36 [IST]
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