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Chetan Bhagat Gets Pirated Version Of His Own Book From Street Hawker: Viral Video

Few incidents in our lives are so simple and yet so beautiful that they leave a mark for a lifetime, and this story is one of them.

Renowned writer Chetan Bhagat, recently experienced one of the most silly and humble moments of his life. The author of best-selling books like The Three Mistakes of My Life, 5 Point Someone, Two States and Half-Girlfriend, and One Night at the Call Center came across a street hawker who unknowingly, tried to sell the pirated version of Bhagat's famous books to the author, when he stopped at the traffic signal. The conversation goes as follows:

Chetan: Chetan Hai Kya (Do you have Chetan Bhagat's book?)

Boy: Haan Hai (Yes, I have)

Chetan: Hai? Achi hai koi Chetan Bhagat ki? (Do you have any nice books of him?)

Boy: Nayi wali aayi hai (A new Chetan Bhagat's book has come)

Chetan: Nayi wali? (A new one?)

The boy started searching for Chetan's new book!

Chetan: Kaisa ye likhta hai? Thik likhta hai? (How does he write? Did he writes well?)

Boy: Bohot achi bikti hai sir (It sells very well sir)

Chetan: Asli wali hai ki nakli? (It is real ones or pirated copy of the book?)

Boy: Online ka copy hai sir. (Sir, it's an online copy)

Chetan: Online ka copy to nakli hai (But online copies are fake ones) Thik hai ye writer? Kisi kam ka hai? (Is this writer writes well?)

And then the writer revealed that he was only Chetan Bhagat, which left the boy spellbound The expression on the boy's face was worth watching as he was filled with surprise and happiness. Bhagat then shook his hand with the boy, asked his name and thanked him.

Chetan took this incident to the Twitter and shared this humbling experience with everyone on which he received 296K views. He also mentioned that though he is against piracy, he wanted to help people like this boy, who happens to be a street hawker and sells pirated versions of famous books, just to make a living.

"This guy sold me my own book !His reaction when he found out was so sweet. I don't support piracy (hurts me directly) but I also know it helps people like him make a living. I'd rather they sold original books at signals instead. Many do now", wrote Bhagat.

Earlier this year, Paulo Coelho, a best-selling Brazilian novelist tweeted a post related to piracy on which he received 18,885 likes and his tweet was retweeted 4081 times by his fans. To mention, Paulo is well-known for supporting pirated books and illegal downloads.

He wrote, "People call this "pirate" editions.For me this is an honor, an honest way for this young man to make money".

Story first published: Saturday, August 10, 2019, 12:59 [IST]