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Michael Jackson – Swami Nithyananda – A Comparison

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

The incomparable Michael Jackson has now got a competitor in India. The celebrity Michael Jackson is being compared to, none other than the controversial Swami Nithyananda. The comparison between Michael Jackson and Swami Nithyananda is not about the dancing skills but about the popularity of both the celebrities.

Comparison Of Michael Jackson And Swami Nithyananda -

1.Michael Jackson was hugely popular Worldwide for his songs and dancing ability. He was the first one to be a specialist in mime, tap, jazz, popping and ballroom to name a few. Combining all the dance forms he introduced one of his own, which has become a legend in itself.

Nithyananda has gained popularity firstly for his preachings and meditation forms like the Ananda Spurana and Nitya Spurana. His recent Kalpataru has made him the first Swami to get thousands of followers coming to his shelter.

2.Michael Jackson has gained great popularity in his home land and across. His songs and videos were one of the most viewed and sold across the globe. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album is till date one of the biggest selling album. It sold 50 million copies worldwide with 25 million copies in US alone. His performance at NBC Super Bowl transmission had got 133.4 million viewers.

Swami Nithyananda has over thousands of followers across the globe. His followers include high profile personalities as well as the common mass. At the Nithyananda ashram, everyone is treated equally. His preachings themselves are said to have attracted millions to his ashram.

3.Michael Jackson and Swami Nityananda can also be compared with their controversies. One of the biggest controversy which engulfed Michael Jackson was the accusation of child molestation. The case was finally called off after he paid his accuser a sum of money.

Swami Nityananda has been released from captivity after his alleged sex scandal. The sex scandal too was not big enough to shatter the trust of his followers and finally after many other accusations of different scandals, Swami Nityananda has been released.

4. Lastly Swami Nityananda claims that he has won the comparison against the legendary Michael Jackson. Swami Nityananda says, "In the history of internet, the websites were jammed only twice. First, when Michael Jackson died, and second, when the controversial tapes were aired on the television channels.

However, Michael Jackson had to dance, jump and tour all over the world for many years to jam internet. Here I am, jammed it without doing anything,'' he said.

What do you think, who is more popular Swami Nityananda or Michael Jackson?

Story first published: Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 17:20 [IST]
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