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Eco Friendly Fireworks

Eco Friendly Fireworks
diwali is a festival of lights and sounds and it is tough to resist the fun and excitement of playing with the fireworks. With environmental awareness making its mark, the firecracker manufactures have found a solution.

Special eco-friendly fireworks witnessed a high demand in Lucknow markets on the occasion of diwali festival. Growing awareness about polluting fire crackers motivated families, especially children, to neglect them this time around. Carrying photographs of various Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses, the eco-friendly crackers were a major draw for everyone here.

Consequent to anti-firecracker campaign and awareness drive about ill-effects of bursting harmful firecrackers gaining momentum, manufacturers of firecrackers supplied eco-friendly variants anticipating public demand.

These crackers don't cause any kind of serious mishap like burns and fires. Besides, these new crackers can be used in indoor parties and functions also. These crackers work on the principle of vacuum pressure.

"We always purchase crackers from this shop only on diwali. But this time we thought that we won't be bursting crackers, as it cause lot of pollution. But when we came to know about this brand new crackers being eco-friendly, we rushed to this shop and bought all sorts of such crackers," said Satish, a resident of Lucknow.

"On every diwali, we try keeping new sorts of fire crackers. But this time we have kept eco-friendly firecrackers, and these crackers are doing pretty good business. These firecrackers don't need to be ignited. All you have to do is just twist its rim and it will work automatically," said Gulshan Azad, a vendor of firecrackers

Thousands of residents in this City of Nawabs had taken oath of using only eco- friendly crackers. Hence, a high demand for eco-friendly firecrackers was witnessed. Every year a high air and noise pollution on the occasion of diwali used to reach the apex, which was intended to be relatively low this year, courtesy the eco friendly-crackers.

So this season you can have all the fun you want, with out offending the Mother earth.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 17:02 [IST]
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